04.19.2010 Monday

 We have to be like all the other media outlets and have our lead story as the Huskers spring game.

78,000 fans, including 3 idiots from this blog, filled Memorial Stadium in Lincoln to watch the Huskers beat the Huskers 21-16. More fun than watching the game was watching Bo work the officials during the game which proves you can never get enough practice in.

Play of the day goes to Mr. Suh who announced he will be dropping 2.6 mil into the coffers at UNL. 2 mil to the football program and 600k to the scholarship endowment for the engineering school.

Play that make you scratch your head and say “Seriously, that’s your spokesman?” The PSA of Larry the Cable Guy telling you to rat out underage drinkers. We love ya Dan but wouldn’t that have been like having Leona Helmsley doing a PSA for rating out tax cheats?

Over the weekend the No-K Coral was the scene of a couple of shootings.

Around 2:15 a.m. a 17-year-old man was the victim of a walk by shooting near 40th and Burdette. The victim claims someone walked up behind him and shot him as he was returning home. 17 years old? 2:15 a.m. ?  Can’t wait for the PSA to come out about giving your kids a decent curfew.

Then around 3:45 a.m. a woman was shot in a home near 46th and Pratt. She claims she heard an argument start between two people and she attempted to run however she was hit by the gunfire that ensued.

Wonder what the argument was over?  Were guessing it wasn’t over opinions of an outfit on a rerun of “What not to wear”.

The saddest story of the weekend was the loss of a one year old baby who was reported to have drown after being left alone in a bathtub by a babysitter near 28th and Titus. Sadly this is just around the corner from where a mother killed her own son and left his dead body in a bathtub while she tried to figure out a way to dispose of it.

No word on the age of the babysitter or why the baby was left unattended. The family is refusing to comment.

And for you Youth Hockey folks, don’t forget tonight is the first annual meeting of the New Omaha Hockey Club. The meeting will be held at the Moylan Ice Plex. Get there early, the meeting room isn’t that big and seating is limited.

More later…………………..

Bugs Manderson

Mongo Torrey


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