04.26.2010 Monday with Bugs and Mongo

Live (bamm bamm bamm bamm) from the No-K Coral (bamm bamm bamm bamm bamm) It’s (bamm bamm bamm bamm bamm bamm) another Friday or Saturday or Sunday or………night………

Saturday morning around 12:30 a group of people were standing around a corner near 30th and Spencer when a white car rolled up and an occupant opened fire grazing one man in the back. the man was treated and released from a local hospital. Police are looking for the suspects.

Then around 1:40 a.m. another drive-by happened near 36th and Ames. This time two women were hit and taken by private car to UNMC. When police questioned the pair they were said to be uncooperative. Why they were not charged with impeding a police investigation is beyond me.

Community voices are calling for an end to the violence. Oddly a couple of voices are not being heard. Former State Senator Ernie Chambers, who we hear is about to start touring with his “Worlds Largest Ball of Crime Scene Tape” exhibit, and State Senator Brenda Council. Both would scream at the top of the hall about getting rid of the death penalty in Nebraska, how about getting into the act over a death penalty being administered on the streets of the No-K Coral? We know. It’s wrong for the state to zap some person for taking the life of another, but hey if some guy in a different colored shirt starts waving his arms and fingers in an epileptic fit it’s ok to pop a cap in his ass. Got it. Someone teach John Lotter some gang signs, please.

Just makes you wanna go chill on the corner.

Reports abound that Oregon will announce Dana Altman as its new head coach. The Wilber Ne. native will depart after telling us this would be where he would retire from coaching. That statement may be true. Moving from the Missouri Vally to the Pac-10 he may be making a career change into babysitting more than coaching.

Creighton is said to have offered the job to Iowa States McDemott. With the great numbers he was putting up at Iowa State it might not be long before you can get easy Creighton tickets again.

Former Omaha Parks Director Larry Foster unveiled a new plan for the other side of the Bridge to Nowhere (Thanks for stealing that nickname from us). Foster, now the Council Bluffs Parks Director, talked of an area loaded with a vast green space, pavilions for events, seating terraced into the levee and last but not least a sandy beach at the river’s edge.

Great, now we can have a good seat to watch this summers drunken titty parade down the Muddy Mo. And what better than a sandy beach for some tree hugging do-gooder to let their young child get in touch with nature and have the river current zip them away to their first visit to the casino boats.

This 11 million dollar project is being funded half by the city of Council Bluffs and half by a grant from the Iowa West Foundation who has money for this but couldn’t toss the Chanticleer Theater a bone to help them with their construction project.

And how could we not talk about our Capitol City Lincoln. Why is it that Lincoln has the strangest criminals?

Over the weekend a local convenience store was robbed at knife point with the perp getting off with an undisclosed amount of cash from the safe. The guy wrapped toilet paper around his head to conceal his identity. We figure the guy had spent his paycheck drinking and didn’t want to go home to the Mrs. broke and shit faced.

Yeah you knew that one was coming.

And before we forget, Mayor Slim Jim was asking for ideas to help with the budget shortfall. How about naming rights being sold on some of the larger potholes around town? How about the Monroe Shocks Moguls on Military? The Carquest Undercarriage Crushers on Q? Or the Midas Muffler Manglers on Maple? Relax the back could even posts signs, “Hit this, then come see us”. At the rate the streets are falling apart it wont be long before we are back to driving on gravel.

More later……………….

Bugs Manderson

Mongo Torrey


2 responses to “04.26.2010 Monday with Bugs and Mongo

  1. Courage under fire

    Right on. Where is Council-Chambers? Its about time we start taking our streets back people. Time to stand up for yourselves.

  2. I’d like to comment but I am to busy dodging bullets after scratching some skeeter bites while wearing my raiders jersey in celebration of the NFL draft picks. I just cant win. Will bondo fill the holes in my car door?

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