Limited details are being released by Omaha Police, however it sounds like an attempted robbery at a No-K Coral Walgreens was interupted by an armed customer and one of the robbery suspects may have been shot and killed.

Police answered the call around 9 p.m. to the Walgreens at 61st and Northwest Radial Highway and found a shooting victim in critical condition. He later died on the way to the hospital. Witnesses were said to have reported that two men entered the store with a shotgun and were greeted by a customer who was armed also. Shots were exchanged and one of the suspects in the robbery was hit. Lets all hope the guy had a concealed weapon permit. 

If the victim was indeed a suspect in the attempted robbery then Benson doesn’t seem to be the place they want to attempt their criminal ways. A few years ago another robbery suspect was shot and killed by a pawn shop store owner during a daring daylight robbery attempt.

Around 10 p.m. officers responded to a call of a man down on the sidewalk in front of the J-N-D Grocery near 24th and Redick. Neighbors in the area reported several shots fired and a car speeding away. The  victim died at Creighton Medical Center after suffering multiple gunshot wounds.

With all the added violence in the city we would like to commend Mayor Slim Jim on keeping his campaign promise to reduce the crime rate in Omaha. This latest burst of shootings comes right on the toes of this weekends Burkshire Hathaway meeting when Omaha gets another appearance in the world and National spotlight. We are starting to think Slim Jim’s crime reduction plan is to talk em to death.

Speaking of Slim Jim, he is asking the City Council to delay its vote on the Police Union contract for another week to give him more time to work on the plan with Union officials. informal conversations were said to have taken place over the weekend between the Mayors office and the Union. No word on how the Council plans to vote today on the contract or if it will hold it over for another week.

More later………….

Bugs Manderson


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