04.29.2010 Thursday with Mongo Unsupervised.

Bugs is out of town so you get me this morning. Sorry. Deal with it.

Yummy yummy yummy, I got your ear in my tummy , you called my fat so I just bit you…….(sung to yummy yummy yummy 1968 Ohio Express)

Yeah it had to happen in Lincoln.

A 21-year-old woman sits in jail after biting off part of a mans ear during an argument. Police were called in around 3:30 Wednesday morning after a man went to the hospital looking like he went 3 rounds with Tyson. When asked what the man did to provoke her they were told that he “called her fat”. Glad he didn’t call her a bitch or she might have gone even more pitbull on him.

The missing part of the mans ear was never found which posses the question, How many calories are in an ear lobe? Anyone got a Jenny Craig book lying around?

Ught ohhhhhh. Someone putting the Berkshire concert together forgot part of the map of places to go and things to do.

Yep you can talk all you want about being a good liberal but actions speak louder than words over time.

Big Momma is mad and she should be. Big Momma has been on National TV, still waiting for Gorats or Picky Petes. YEt she was left off the list of dinning establishments recommended for our visitors from out-of-town attending the Berkshire shareholders meeting and shopping spree. Hey it’s not Warrens fault, I’m sure he didn’t draw up the brochure himself.

Big Momma’s owner Patricia Barron has called his office a couple of times and did get a voice mail back from the man himself. Can’t wait to see the photo-op of him and Gates putting down some of that World Famous Sweet Potato Ice Cream.

So Momma this shameless plug is just for you, cuz you know we love ya here.


3223 N 45TH STREET


See ya after church on Sunday.

Slim Jim Suttle faced some pissed off taxpayers at Burke High last night. The group Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom asked the Mayor to sign a pledge that he wouldn’t raise taxes to which he replied, You know I’m not going to sign that….but did you see the cool award the Bridge to Nowhere won. I just got back from Washington with it. Were going to have a 21 million dollar shortfall but the new ballpark is coming along nicely.

Also Slim Jim said that the Police contract is still a good deal despite being tossed out by the City Council on Monday. Jimmy called the contract the deal of the century. So did the guy at the Buy Here Pay Here lot when tried to sell me the 1998 Saturn with 565,000 miles on it. The contract helps get the pension fund out of the red…45 years from now and kinda sorta ends spiking. The Mayors office will continue to meet with the Police Union up untill they vote to file suit against the city.

Hey even under construction houses are getting into the Enough is Enough act in the Benson area. Just days since a customer dropped a would be robber at the Walgreens in Benson, police tried to pull over a car suspected in shots being fired at 30th and Ames. The care refused to stop but in the area of 67th and Lake two men bailed out of the car and took off on foot, right into the 9 foot deep foundation of a home being built. Whooops.

Police have also arrested a 15-year-old suspected as being the getaway diver in the botched Walgreens robbery. Wonder if he still had the wet spot in the seat of his Dickeys when they nabbed him?

And Trader Joe’s is coming to Omaha. And nobody will be more elated than Pastor Rocko down at the Church of Shut the Fuck Up the Games On. Why. Two Buck Chuck that why. Communion will never be the same.


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