Another Bershire Weekend has come and gone.

The throngs on shareholders converged upon the city to hear the Oracal of Omaha deliver his state of the stock address. Actually I think more come for the party and Nebraska steak dinners than to hear the pitch. Either way it is a good punch to the local coffers. It also gave the city a good shot at selling itself as a place to do business. Kinda like Native Omaha Days without the shoot-outs.

Speaking of which……….you knew the No-K Coral wouldn’t disappoint us over this weekend.

Sunday around 12:30 witnesses noticed a man kneeling next to a red Charger at the stop sign at 24th and Kansas. Some thought he was having car trouble until a white SUV approached and the hail of gunfire began. Occupants from both vehicles traded shots then cleared the area.

A short time later the Charger rolled up on a house at 24th and Newport. Witnesses said occupants of the home opened fire and the occupants of the car returned fire. In the aftermath a 29-year-old man was shot in the head and died of his injuries. A 24-year-old man is in critical condition. Another 29-year-old was treated and released with a gunshot wound to his hand.

Neighbors of the home have often complained about the late night comings and goings of people from the home where the shooting occurred and the white SUV was parked. Police have been called to the address and two of the shooting victims, Acie Robinson and Dexter Levering have been involved in previous shootings.

If only these people had payed attention to all the Enough is Enough signs in the neighborhood.

It’s been a week since the thwarted attempted robbery at a Benson Walgreens and more opinions on the subject have started popping up in the media. One in particular caught my attention in the World Herald public pulse yesterday. The writer made a point that the “victims”shotgun was not loaded. So. Then she went on to say that had it been loaded the situation could have gone completely different. Sure could have. And it could have gone different if  Harry McCullough III wasn’t in the line. But the reverse side is that something like the Von Mar shooting could have turned out different if another Harry McCullough would have been shopping there. One never knows. What the writer and State Senator Council also fails to understand or mention. Had the police happen to have been there the outcome more than likely would have been the same. The PERP would have been shot when he showed the sawed off shotgun and threatened the public.

Mr McCullough is a hero.

More later………………..

Bugs Manderson


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