05.10.10 Monday with Bugs and Mongo

Looks like Mayor Slim Jim may have stumbled on to a way to raise the funds to cover the deficit left behind by Muppet Mike and Co.

The Mayor will be taking a leap of faith off the Woodman Tower in a fundraiser for the Mid-America Council of the Boy Scouts. For a mere $1000 you can rappel off the East side of the Woodman building. Slim Jim will be the first customer.

He was rumored to be looking into a similar event as a fund-raisers for the city. Ideas : Drive the Mayors car into a pothole, drop a Union Rep off in the No-K Coral dressed in gang ware, a lottery to have your street plowed next winter before the snow actually melts on its own, pay a k to have your neighborhood park mowed and name a street after your favorite worthless city official contest among others.

Police Chief Alex Hayes is not a fan of having the Douglas County Sheriff help out answering police calls within the City Limits so that more officers can concentrate on the No-K Corals problems. Hayes called the offer of help from the County a bad idea and would rather see more officers on staff instead. Right now the Sheriff can answer calls west of 144th Street if police are not available. Some have suggested drawing that line in to as far East as Interstate 680. Many think that even if the City had to pay to have the County cover that area it would be cheaper than paying overtime or hiring more officers. Just think of the spiking savings.

Some Civic leaders fear having more of a police presence in the No-K coral saying it will lead to more racial profiling and harassment of residents in the area. The group Enough is Enough in Omaha (E,I,E,I,O) held another walking rally in the area, going door to door talking to residents and sending the message that it is time to step up and turn these thugs in when you witness something. To bad these people can’t be allowed to have a little chat in the alley if police have another uncooperative person in connection with a shooting.

Speaking of which, over the weekend a man was shot in what he first claimed to be a drive by shooting near 42nd and Miami but now police say he either shot himself in the chest of was shot by a friend by accident. Some friend. “Hey Chuck, check out my new piece” BAMM “Shit dude sorry, call me when you feel better but don’t rat me out.”

Maybe I have this all wrong. Maybe the guy couldn’t decide on which gang to hang with so he shot himself for being so disloyal.

Sunday afternoon another youth was hit in a drive-by near 16th and Victor. his injuries are not life threatening which says the aim is getting worse again. Wonder if it was his BFF that popped a cap in his……..nevermind.

Just think, Slim Jim promised to curb the violence when he was elected. Imagine how bad this could really be without his leadership.

Don’t forget the primary Elections tomorrow. If you don’t vote you can’t bitch.

Bugs Manderson

Mongot Torrey


3 responses to “05.10.10 Monday with Bugs and Mongo

  1. It’s not hard to see why things will never change
    in the No-K-coral. Consider this, in 1990 or so, the Mad Dads were founded, complete with stylin hats, t-shirts and a slick media campmaign.
    Less than 10 years later some of its leaders were prison bound, all of the money that had been donated was looted and gone and the shooting has only moved into the rest of our scattered site housing communities. Thanks for nothing.

  2. I did the same thing when Mongo added that to the draft. Now you know how we feel at the staff meetings.


  3. Puck, Net Slot

    E.I.E.I.O!!!? Great I spewed coffee all over my monitor laughing so hard.

    My Monday has taken a 180; thanks for the laugh.

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