05.12.10 with an Editorial from Mongo

Details are still sketchy at this point however there has been an officer involved shooting on the 84th Street on ramp to I-80 after police were involved in a high speed chase with shoplifting suspects last evening.

Reports tell of the suspects grabbing merchandise from the Kohls on 72nd and Pacific then leading police on a chase around the Aksarben area. Some reports say that the suspects fired at police during the chase. Police had pulled the car over with a pit maneuver on the Interstate on ramp and had taken the female driver into custody when the call came in for shots fired. A male passenger was reported shot and in critical condition.

Nothing like being dumb enough to get shot over a flower print top.

Also police raided a home near 31st and Charles and took a few people in for questioning after a man was shot in the face with a shotgun blast through a screen door near 37th and Burdette. No word on if any arrests were made however some poor sap unfortunate enough to be driving an SUV that matched the description of the getaway vehicle was pulled over a few blocks away and got the face down on the ground run through. We need a clean up in the Southbound lane bring a fresh pair of undershorts.

Primary elections were pretty uneventful. Lincoln voters however did approve a bond issue on a 16,000 seat arena in the Haymarket District. Now if only the Huskers could draw over 1600 to a Basketball game.

And yesterday afternoon’s City Council meeting was standing room only as the subject of retirees health care costs hit the agenda. Mayor Slim Jims proposal of having retirees begin paying for some of their premiums based on the amount of pension they receive drew a backlash of protest from former city workers. Many who spoke talked of how they gave up past pay raises in lue of the paid health care as part of their retirement package.

Welcome to the wonderful world of working for politicians. The guy you shook hands with 8 years ago may not be the the same guy who wants to rewrite the deal now.

Mongo’s Editorial

 Bellevue’s attempt to get Officer Parent’s firearms certification revoked was rejected by State officials. In this political correct era, nobody is willing to step up and end this silliness that is ongoing in the the third largest city in the state.

Officer Parent is on paid leave while the Bellevue Police force tries to find a place to put him. It has to be a big spot. Officer Parent is physically incapable of the duties of a police officer. And before you all start screaming unfairness like Tristin Bon-Bon lets take a realistic look at the situation.

Parent isn’t just a touch overweight. If he were a cruiser officer it could be the only car with a handicap tag on the force. You know you have let yourself go when you have to hold a Krispy Kreme fundraiser to raise money for a vest that fits. When you have to yell “Stop or I’ll wheeze” at a suspect it might be time to hit a gym of find a new profession. And Parent doesn’t seem to care. His haircut gives that away. If he were your backup would you feel safe? Well other than being able to use him as a shield to get near the perps? Granted the distance would have to be under fifty feet or you’d have to work a slurpee break into the maneuver.

Now some claim that his weight doesn’t matter because he was flying a desk job however he is still a law enforcement officer and should be required to be able to conduct himself as such. I’m not saying he needs to be Pablo the Pool Boy buff but trimming down an acre or two would be in order. Being able to get from your desk to the front door without an energy bar wouldn’t be too much to ask. The guy should be able to go investigate a crime scene without having to take the door off the hinges to get in.

Parent, his lawyers and the City of Bellevue should work out a settlement deal that allows Mr. Parent to go on his way to either help his own health or continue to eat himself to a piano sized box taking a long dirt nap. But the City should not have to run the risk of the perception that their officers would not be able to effectively protect and serve the public unless there was a gift card to the Golden Corral involved.


One response to “05.12.10 with an Editorial from Mongo

  1. Maybe the police department should ready the Army study on obesity being a threat to national security? Granted, they are not trying to slick Officer Parent down and fit him into a tank… but it is still a requirement to perform the job. Whats the difference of having physical standards vs having to pass drug test, licensing tests, CDL tests? If you don’t meet the standards, then you don’t have the job. Period.

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