You expect me to write during Triple Crown Season? Please.

Sorry, Bugs is a bit busy and didn’t drop me a note to fill in for a while so I will do my best to get caught up.

Three Omaha Police officers are on paid vacation thanks to some serious, but not officially, announced allegations. City officials are tight-lipped about the internal investigation thanks to a clause in the UNION CONTRACT, article 18 to be exact, that states the City shall not divulge the reason for any disciplinary action unless that act is appealed to the personnel board.

Rumors and unidentified sources have said that the investigation centers around improper possession of confiscated evidence and a plot to plant some pot in the trash of a gang member to obtain a search warrant on his house. Sorry, but that’s the best idea you came up with?  Your making Tristen Bonn Bon look like a visionary. More on this if criminal charges are filed. Right now this is an internal affairs investigation. I’m smelling a shortage of bear claws the next few weeks.

The City Council voted 6-0 to require former employees to begin paying for part of their health care package. The retirees will have to cough up 35% of their premiums. One Council member, we will call him Gary, abstained from the vote as he is a former city employee himself. Just moments after the vote the attorney for the city workers union sprinted to halls to fill the every popular lawsuit against this action. Thanks to Slim Jim and Company it looks like the City Attorney will be earning his keep the next year or so.

That’s all I have right now. Now that I know I’m not on unpaid leave I will put something together with a little more substance after I get done with my thoroughbred research.

Mongo Torrey


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