No wonder the EPA is concerned about the No-K coral with all the lead in the streets they may never get the levels down.

Another shooting in broad daylight ends with another man dead and a city wondering when the shootouts will end. Police answered the call around 2 in the afternoon and found a man down in the street after being shot at close range while getting out of his vehicle. People report hearing as many as 10 shots. The 25-year-old man was reported to be stopping to check on his disabled father when he was attacked. He is also the Uncle of a 6-year-old girl who was caught in gunfire while sitting in a car back in 2007.

Dumbest comment by a person interviewed by the media, “This is the hood and this stuff happens”.

Ernie’s Worlds Largest Ball of Crime Scene Tape must be reaching epic proportions.

Police have arrested the Keno bandits with the help of a GPS device that was placed inside the bag with the money. The suspects were picked up near 45th and Izard and face a multitude of charges.

An Ashland Park Elementary 5th grader had enough of a sixth grade bully and pulled an 8 inch knife on him. OPS officials said protocol will be followed thus leaving disciplinary action up to the school principal. Lets hope it includes making the sixth grader continue to wear the shorts he soiled when he saw the blade come out.

Lincoln East students have begun to compile and apology notebook in response to a prank at the State Soccer Tournament when someone tossed a stack of green cards in the air after the South High vs Lincoln East game. To bad nobody though about a prank like this against us when I was in High School. I would have loved to have steins of beer tossed my way however Mongo says a pasta tossing would have been to messy in his day.

Mayor Slim Jim will announce the outline for the SunDawgs program today. Due to budget cuts with everything other than his pet projects expect the program to be reduced to two broken baseball bats and a deflated soccer ball. Maybe he can turn that rescue squad he keeps taking out of service in to surplus playground equipment?

More later…………………….

Bugs Manderson


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