The City Council will look at extending the closing time for local watering holes to 2 a.m. today. Looks like the want to extend this debate for months by the schedule posted. July 15th would be the earliest a new ordinance could take effect however expect much resistance from groups like Project Extra Mile and others. A chance in hours would keep a few revenue dollars on this side of the river and not make the City look out of the loop with the rest of the country when events like the CWS comes to town.

The Omaha Alliance for the Private Sector is calling for Slim Jim to get tough with the firefighters union. Pardon me while I stop laughing. Really, Jimmy get tough? What’s paramount to this is the balance of public safety against the shortfall in the city budget. Here is an idea. How about looking at the sucking sound coming from OPS with your tax dollars. More people wouldn’t mind sending more money over to run the city is something could be trimmed off the tax bill elsewhere. Is OPS still spending more than the city with questionable results? Teachers and staff are sent packing but the TAC center still looks full to the brim with administration. Maybe the Alliance for the Private Sector should try to find 20-30 mil to trim from the OPS coffer and figure out a way for that money to make its way into the city’s pocket to take care of public safety. Just an idea.

And in a national story, just like my wife GM has discontinued the HUMMER. Sad day for all the spotted owl haters in America.

More later…………….

Bugs Manderson


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