Police were called to the Old Market early Sunday morning to break up a large fight. The incident occurred near 11th and Harney. One person was maced then taken into custody. No truth to the rumor that the fight was over the police pension issue and Dave Nabity was the person maced.

Mayor Taxaholic was booed Saturday night while making an appearance at the Playing with Fire series at Ricks Boatyard. The reception gave Diamond Jim another idea on taxing anyone who was against his plan for the balancing the city budget.

Word is the Police contract has the Council votes to pass this week despite public outcry against it. Recent polls show nearly 70% of Omaha residents are against the contract however four Council members plan to flip the finger to the folks that pay the bills and forge ahead.

In favor of the contract are Councilman Ben, tax em till they bleed, Gray   Garry, you think I’m voting against my union, Gernandt   Chris, I look like a jogger don’t I, Jerram and Tom, Northwest Omaha will regret me getting this job, Mulligan.

Get ready for these same four to put a rubber stamp on Jimbo’s wheel tax increase and act like they are concerned but will likely pass the new version of the entertainment tax proposed by the Mayors budget.

Police have not released the name of a man who drowned early Monday morning in Carter Lake. The man was said to be fishing with friends around 1 a.m. and was in the water pretending to drown when he failed to surface. Now I don’t mean to make light of a tragic situation but I can’t recall ever thrashing around in the water while I was fishing. Wonder what these guys BAC was at the time of this accident? Police wont comment on if they are looking into this being a swim by carping incident.

OPS has announced that it cannot find the bucks within it’s 750 MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET to provide bus service for nearly 800 Middle School students. Parents were notified less than a week before the start of school that they needed to go out and stock up on some comfortable shoes for their kid to hoof it. A school mouthpiece also cited lack of drivers along with budgetary issues in the move. Guess they couldn’t find 100 people in line at the Job Service willing to learn to tie up traffic during rush hour.

OPS said the students could opt to attend a school closer to home or parents could be reimbursed for their travel costs. Maybe Dr. John could cough up his last pay raise to charter some vans to run these routes? There has to be 100 extra body’s on staff at the TAC Center who could hit the pavement for a couple of hours and get these kids to school. Well there are all that paper to push down there. While parents struggle to make arrangements for transportation with such short notice I am sure there is someone at the TAC preparing No Child Left Behind violation notices for many of the 800 who may end up being late for school.

And with that I would like to thank you all for waiting while we closed the deal that now allows me to type this in my Jammies while drinking coffee on my deck. With nothing on the agenda in the near future we will have some extra time to dedicate back to the EYE. In answer to some of your emails, we are all fine at this time and even made contact with Mongo at an undisclosed location and he has promised to contribute again as well. In fact I reviewed a draft he is working on this morning and he hasn’t lost a beat. Look for it to post in his corner soon.

Bugs Manderson


2 responses to “08.16.2010

  1. you guys think these jackasses suck at governing.
    just wait till prophecy becomes reality over the very near future.
    these creeps will be determining which camps people are sent to and whether or not families are allowed to stay to together. when the bombs
    and hell are unleashed these guys will make benedict arnold look like the john wayne. the will pimp away our concerns like bad gas.

  2. Four political sluts.

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