Shortly before the vote on the Mayors budget today someone must have found a shoebox full of cash laying around the City-County building. The budget shortfall for this year has been reduced from 12.3 million as the Mayor claimed to 4.7 million. In one month. The Mayors elves claim the extra revenue came from higher than projected sales tax revenue and savings achieved in cost cutting measures in the police and fire departments. Wait say that again. I thought there was no more fat to trim from the budget. Now suddenly we show up with an extra 7+ million and nobody knew it was coming in? At this rate we should have one hell of a suplus at the end of the year. Shouldn’t we? Don’t bet on it. Someone is already finding a way to spend it.

The meeting begins at 2 p.m. Other items on tap for public discussion are the restaurant tax, wheel tax increase and Chris Jerram’s proposal to slap a wheel tax on people who work in Omaha but live elsewhere. How are you going to collect that one Chris? Make the employer collect it and send it in? What happens if they stop working for someone after a couple of weeks. How will you staff the counter over at the MVD to implement the refund process? How about a tax on all your stupid ideas? Your not much of a logistical guy are you?

A man was found not-guilty by reason of insanity after a bench trial in the beating death of a rat terrier. Kevin Cleavenger walked out of court after being told to get an out patient evaluation at the Lincoln Regional Center. The results will be reviewed by the court in November.

Many of you remember this story. Kevin was pissed at the dogs yippy barking so he grabbed its leash and repeatedly slammed the dog to the ground. The dog, Pompoo, had to be put to sleep due to its injuries.

So I know many of you have to be asking the same question, why is this spook walking around before he gets his head scanned and how could he be found insane and not guilty before the evaluation? Ask Judge Leigh Ann Retelsdorf.  I am sure Her Honor knows that people who abuse animals tend to move on to more violent crimes.

More later………………………….

Bugs Manderson


One response to “08.17.2010

  1. deranged? I have a neighbor (hockey parent/former house coach) who
    a couple of years ago accused junior and his friends of teasing him. he chased them with a large shovel through the neighborhood and onto our back porch in a frenzied rage. the boys were able to escape into the house through the patio door but this billy kid dropped his cell phone as he lurched through the doorway just missing a swinging shovel.
    at this point juniors mother went outside(I was not home) to ask this person
    why he was cursing, screaming and acting like a hockey parent.
    he raised the shovel into the air and plunged it into the cell phone lying on the ground, 14 year old billy’s phone.
    he was told to leave our property at once by juniors mother. billys mother arrived on the scene soon after and was verbally assaulted by the wild man as well. this guy even came over and screamed a fit at juniors dog on a couple of occasions.
    about a year ago this douchebag started running his mouth about the other OJL players . his son was a defensenen who scored a game tying goal for
    OKC and forced to beat them in a shootout back in october. the guy spent 2 years talking shit about everyone elses kid while his kid did nothing. you know, the 5″6 guy. this is the guy who told a chubby mite to hit the road one time cuz he could not skate. the kid went on to become the best goalie i house before he moved away..ritchie richardson. the kids parents got sent to iraq so i worked with him all year and we are friends to this day.
    anyway, this year i got tired of the bad dad and confronted him about his wicked ways. he attacked me, got his ass kicked and called the cops.
    now he has his sister in law(cop) tracking me. it would be sad if it weren’t
    so darn funny. his kid is finished in the hockey world and mine has moved on to juniors.
    rarely does the truth get told in omaha. this guy is a ticking time bomb.
    do not srop your cell phone anywhere near him!!!!

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