As one taxpayer shouted out in the council chambers after the vote, “It’s a sad day in Omaha”. On a 4-3 vote the City Council approved the new police contract and with that an increase in taxes. The Police Union must approve the contract with a vote of it’s membership and results should be in by Wednesday.

Ben Gray responded to one taxpayer by saying “Do you think we get up in the morning wanting to raise taxes?” In your case Ben, Yes, Yes we do. That seems to be your answer to everything.

Following the vote the public got to speak out on a couple of proposals to help pay for this contract. The entertainment extortion tax that would add 4% to meal at a restaurant inside the city limits was greeted with opposition. Many worry about a drop off in business and a cut in pay for servers as people reduce their tip to help cover the pickpocketing from fab four fleecers.

Also on the agenda is an increase in the wheel tax that is proposed to be higher than some neighboring states charge to license a car.

Anyone notice how you never see Muppet Mike around town anymore? Not even on the street these Bozo’s named after him. I have a proposal to change Bob Boozer Drive to Jim Suttle Ave. It’s only natural. It cost a fortune and really doesn’t go anywhere.

That’s it. There is nothing else going on in town. Money is getting so tight that it seems nobody can afford to do anything really stupid right now.

More later

Bugs Manderson


2 responses to “08.18.2010

  1. CAPPPPYYYYY!!!!!! Welcome back our friend. Glad to see you well and flying high above our town.


  2. Captain Obvious

    Howdy, I was just doing a flyby and saw that you’re back with the Omaha News. Good for you! My take on most politicians from the local level to the federal level is that they don’t understand economics. Their slice of my pie keeps getting bigger. It shouldn’t. As the economy grows, more workers enter the workplace, salaries increase, production increases, their slice grows proportionally. Lately the economy has not been good. What did they do with the surplus that they had in the good times? I am forced to cut back why shouldn’t they? They don’t cut back because they have the legal ability to take our money. Business have to cut back employees and still be as productive in this economy so it only makes sense that the Government (on every level) should as well. Those elected officials who don’t agree with that will not be getting my vote the next go-round! I am sick of politics as usual on every level. Maybe next time we will just vote them all out of office. 🙂

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