It has been reported that a gun was fired on an OPS bus on Wednesday on it’s way home from Burke High School.  The troubling fact is that it was not reported or investigated until a parent called the school resource officer on Thursday to question the incident. Now two students are in the youth detention center and police have discovered another gun at the school that was not the one involved in the shooting.

Officials are tight lipped as to the type of gun found at the school or the one that was fired on the bus.

What gets us is that someone had to have known the gun was fired, be it the bus driver or other bus riders. Obviously police were able to determine that the weapon was discharged and were able to track that weapon down at a later time. However the rest of this is hush hush, more than likely under the premiss of the perps being minors.

It smells like OPS was trying to cover this up but thanks to a concerned parent doing some follow up on their own it managed to get out in the open.

The City Council has released its list of amendments to the Mayors budget in an effort to balance it. Looks like a tax hike is a done deal with at least four Council members.

Also on tap is a few new taxes to further empty your pocket book. Chris Dishman Jerram and Tom, can we get a , Mulligan have proposed a different restaurant tax. Mulligans tenure as Sigersons replacement will be short lived it appears.

Union faithful Gernandt has proposed an occupation tax on anyone working in the city limits that resides outside the city limits. His proposal calls for an $8 a month levy on everyone who can’t vote him out of office. Sounds good Gary. Now how much will it cost to administer this little folly and how will you enforce it? If I live in the city but work outside do I get a credit because you are already extorting, I meant extracting my hard earned dollars? And who will be able to determine the limit lines as it is?  911 has a tough time with it, do you think your cousin who needed the job is going to be able to keep track of the map? But if he can, get him on the staff of the plow trucks so I don’t have to call 10 times this winter.

Here is something you should have built into the police and fire contract. How about you throw in a stipulation like other city’s that they must live in the city limits to hold the position, instead of hiding out in Sarpy County and elsewhere and bitching that they are not getting enough scratch? (There went the response time to my house). If it’s good enough for the rest of us to foot the bill then they should join the parade as well.

Here is another cost saver. Stop building Round-a-bouts and put back up the stop signs. They should be able to figure it out. It was on the driving test. And stop dropping speed bumps every 3 blocks and use the excess asphalt to fill the pot holes. There is a no-brainer.

Another cost saver, turn off the lights in Jerram’s office. He is in the dark anyway.

Find a shovel that can stand up by itself without a supervisor leaning on it.

How about a $1 per round tax on any bullet discharged in the city? Bet Benny would say that would hit the No-K coral unfairly.

After seeing the little Humel Park palace that was built to class the place up, how about contracting new building construction out to the folks at Celebrity or hearthstone homes. They seem to be able to put up a 4 bedroom 2 bath house with about the same square footage for about 1/4 of what you paid for that.

How about meters on the picnic tables in the city parks to help pay for mowing?

A fee of $250 for every time the police or fire department has to come out and save someones stupid ass because they were doing something like pretending to drown in Carter Lake at 1 a.m. and then actually started to drown, or  called 911 to complain that OPPD shut off their power for non-payment.

The list goes on and on.

There are things that could be trimmed from the budget. When revenue is down everyone else has to tighten up the belts. Nobody else can just walk out to the tax levy money tree and grab a handful. How about we get back to the books and take another look at the fat and take another attempt at trimming it.

The Omaha Nighthawks added a NFL veteran QB to it’s roster. It didn’t quite carry the same splash as Bret Favre’s private jet landing at the airport but Nighthawk officials made the most out of the cab picking up Jeff Garcia at the Greyhound station.

The Nighthawks are reported to also be looking at George Blanda as his back up.

More later…………………

Bugs Manderson


7 responses to “08.20.2010

  1. Just an Idea

    How about the city pass a “finders fee law” and get paid a percentage from all the tire/strut/shock/windshield replacements due to the potholes they haven’t fixed and rocks flying off city trucks? Just a thought.

  2. seriously though

    i dont know if thunder will be sent to tecumseh or the ne. state pen in lincoln. if it is lincoln he’ll be able to play for the prison varsity team.
    they get to play agasinst lincoln area teams, cops, firemen, 20/30 something jocks, etc.
    he should contend for a starting role right away. what a scunbag!

  3. Captain Obvious

    Really, what is the purpose of speed bumps when you already have speed dips. I heard our city’s officials complaining that they didn’t have enough to fix the streets properly because it had been a while since we had a bad winter. What happened to all the $ we SAVED during those times? It would be nice to have the city pay for the ball joint, and muffler that those holes knocked loose this year.

  4. Is Thunder Collins still a free agent? Well not free but maybe work release as an option.

  5. I hear they are trying to work a deal to get L.T. as well.
    Something like a gram, a blundt and a high school cheer leader to be named later. Think the ufl will let him wear an ankle braclet during games?
    You guys are bad bad people but very funny.

  6. No truth to the rumor that the gunshot fired on school bus #98 was really Plexico Burress on his way in to a Nighhawk try out.

  7. tis the season

    I hear that spider lockhart and frenchy fuqua are free agents too. there really is nothing like that aromatic bouquet from the toilet disinfectant that hits you when ya board a greyhound. I’d rather ride crosscountry with the griswolds.

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