Two women we hurt in a drive by shooting Sunday night around 9 p.m.. One woman refused treatment while another was taken to the Nebraska Medical Center after a van they were riding in was struck by gunfire near 39th and Hartman. Police are looking for a green Suburban.

Papillion City officials have said their goal is to avoid a property tax increase and they feel they are on track to do so. Even though the budget for the Sarpy County city is up officials have implemented cost saving measures and keyed in on increased sales tax revenue to cover the difference.

Wonder if they can give a clinic to Omaha. Charge them for the advice, they would be glad to pay for it and call it a study.

Kneading the Dough two men held up the Winchells near 120th and Center. A clerk told police that the two men cam in with shirts pulled over their heads with eye holes cut in them and demanded an undisclosed amount of  cash from the register. My guess is about $50 and a dozen bismarks.

And KETV has reported the Nebraska State Patrol has acquired a 33 million dollar grant to fight drunk driving. My guess is that it is a typo and the grant is really about 33k but if it is 33 million i am wondering how long it will take Diamond jim and the Coal Nuggets to apply for a grant to fight drunken budget writing.

State Patrol officials said they will step up patrols between now and Labor day looking for impaired drivers and getting them off the streets.

More later…….I have a 9 o’clock tee time during the week for the first time in years.

Bugs Manderson


One response to “08.23.2010

  1. 33 million dollars. what a scam. how about stopping the jackasses before they get out of the bar parking lots. we have enough cops to ride segways around downtown and right smoking tickets but we can’t stop blithering drunks from driving out of honky tonk parking lots at 1:00 am. fuck me, they have all these checkpoints where they get evryone except the drunks.
    how about 1:00 am checkpoints outside of some of the busier drink and puke joints. it would not cost 33 million tax dollars now, would it.
    Bugs, when i start making sense like this …smack me!

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