Things are heating up again in the NO-K  coral as police answering a call to shots fired near 30th and Spencer ended up in a car chase the came to a conclusion near 49th and Miami with four known gang member being taken into custody. Police recovered a gun that was thrown from the vehicle during the chase.

Police determined that no one was hit in the shooting though at first they thought there was a victim that turned out to be an intoxicated man taking a snooze in a yard.

An attempted carjacking at the former Center Mall was thwarted but what NASCAR fans like to call a redneck lowjack. Three men tried to jack a ride at gunpoint from a 50-year-old woman however they were unable to drive off due to their inability to drive a manual transmission. They fled from the scene on foot to a chorus of laughter. Maybe we should have stayed in school long enough to get to that chapter in the drivers ed book. Dont you wish you could have a tape of them inside the car. “Roll bitch roll…..where’s the D…….grind it to find it mother f****r…….Iz told ya not to go for the toyota…….shit bitch lets walk it’ll be faster and this bitch is gonna stop laughing at us long enough to tell five-o whats going on……”

Did you hear the interview with the kid shot in the MAT bus fight. He said he thinks about it every night, which I am sure he does because a gunshot wound to the leg tends to throb at night, and wishes people didn’t bring guns to the streets. Police say his interview is a bit different from what his statement was at the time of the incident. 17 y/o Dorian Dan was shot in the leg by a person police believe to be Tremaine Hart a known member of the Curtis Block Gang. Also wounded in the fracas was Shytwain Foster who was with Dan. You say the names sound familiar. Yep they have been in the news. One of them even made the news when his momma drove him to a gang fight so he wouldn’t be late. Blame it on the lead based paint.

Looking for something to do this weekend there is plenty.

The Air Show takes off on Saturday. The Thunderbirds are in town for that event both Saturday and Sunday.

The State Fair kicks off for the first time in Grand Island.

 and Senator Chamber will unveil the newest addition to his Worlds Largest Ball of Crime Scene Tape next to the Tribute to the EPA Lead Clean Up in The No-K from all the Shell Casings  exhibit.

More later………………..

Bugs Manderson


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