An off-duty police officer was run over by a car in the Westroads parking lot after he tried to stop a shop lifter fleeing from J.C. Penney’s. The officer fired two shots hitting the driver, 30 year old Shantae Veland, in the arm and chest. Her accomplice, 20 year old Lanisha Maxwell, was booked for shoplifting and assault.

Here comes the part we could cut and past with all these storys.

Her family , who was not at the scene, said that the officer should not have shot her. They claim that it had to be an accident because Shantae isn’t capable of doing it. Never mind she has been charged 3 times for shoplifting in the past and one time for forgery. Hell she was just turning her life around. Right? The mother of four who are being raised by their grandma was just in a wrong place at the wrong time. Right?

Her Uncle, Steve, said that police should not have shot her. Well Steve I hate to break the sad news to you but that is what happens when you try to use your car to push an police officer out of the way. Ask the moron that did it a few months ago trying to escape with his crew after hitting the Kohls on 72nd then getting stopped on I-80. Try to run them over they are going to use deadly force to counter act your deadly force. What shouldn’t have happened is the grab and go she was involved in and then this never would have happened period. Looks like shoplifting is paying off well. The getaway car was a Cadillac, now minus a back window.

Personal I have always waited for the development of the 20k volt , you didn’t pay for that, bug zapper to show up and be installed at the exit doors of retail outlets. Effective and entertaining all in one.

And a note to Shantae and Lanisha. Stick to grab and go’s at Wal-Mart. The door greeter isn’t armed and a bit slower on foot.

Sometime during a fight that was taking place in the parking lot of the Ashland Park Elementary School a woman driving and SUV aimed it at the crowd and struck one man. Another was shot during the incident that took place around 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning. Looks like motor vehicles are becoming the weapon of choice. Must not be automatics.

Our tip of the hat goes to George Vogel who drove by protesters from the Westboro Baptist Cult and emptied a can of mace while they were attempting to disrupt the funeral service for fallen Marine Staff Sgt. Michael Bock.

Vogel was arrested on 16 counts of misdemeanor assault and one felony count of assault on a police officer as some counter protestors were caught in the over spray and an officer assigned to protecting the Kooks from Kansas was vapored as well. No one was seriously hurt in the incident but it shows that people are getting fed up with these nut cases that are beginning to resemble the Manson family in looks.

We do find it interesting that the Freedom Riders were not allowed a police escort but Shirley and the Spooks were given police protection. Shows there is no backbone in the city government who want to bow down to these goofballs because they might file suit. Never mind the anguish they inflict on the dead Marines family.

More later……………………

Bugs Manderson


5 responses to “08.30.2010

  1. It makes for good comedy thats what it makes. Now head on back to that GED class where you might learn not to cap the first letter in every single word. Word.

  2. Jasmilla Brown

    Yes But What Good Does It Make If You Add On To It ?

  3. They did a good enough job of dragging their names in the dirt on their own.

  4. Jasmilla Brown

    You Freaking Idiots , You Guys Have No Right To Sit Here And Drag There Name In The Dirt So Freaking what They Did That nobody Was Killed And Hopefully They Learned From There Lesson ; You guys Should Be Ashamed .

  5. run laneesha run

    was there a manual transmission involved?

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