Looks like the Dems have thrown in the towel in the race against Gov. Dave Heineman. Candidate Mike Meister announced yesterday his running mate. None other than Ann “Mrs. Recalled Mayor” Boyle.

If we didn’t have to listen to her on the campaign trail it would almost be funny. Heaven help us if Mike gets up to speak in her favor. That noise that echoed across the state was the rest of the Democratic party saying “WTF” in unison. What’s up next term? Muppet Mike and Diamond Jim trying to make a road trip to Lincoln?

The felony charges against the man accused of macing the Kooks from Kansas have been dropped. He still faces 16 misdemeanor counts but as the cult claims nobody was hit by the spray, look for the charges to be changed to attempted assault. Then all he has to say is that he felt his life was being threatened by the Westboro Weirdo’s and he might get all the charges dropped. One good look at the Clan from the Church of the Crazy and I bet the jury would believe him.

The other suspect in the Westroads drive over claims she was an innocent party to the shoplifting spree that resulted in an officer shooting a suspect that backed over him.

Lanisha  Maxwell’s family says that when security officers approached her and Shantae Veland, Veland tossed a couple of bags at her and took off running. She began to run after her telling her not to leave her there. Veland backed over an officer as he was trying to apprehend her.

Maxwell claims she got rough with security because she believed they got rough with her and she is 5 months pregnant so the assault charges should be dropped as well as the shoplifting charges.

Are you all buying this. Well guess what? Yep . This isn’t Maxwell’s first trip down five finger discount alley. Sorry Lanisha, you are judged by the company you keep darling. So unless Shantae is willing to take a bullet for you(pardon the reference) you better be looking for a lawyer.

Watch for an announcement out of City Hall in regard to the lawsuit between the Union representing city workers and retirees and the City over heath care benefits. Word is they are trying to come up with a compromise to keep it out of the judges hands.

Looks like the Union might be trying to save face with the public after seeing poll numbers that show outrage among residents over the deals being brokered . Union officials might be getting worried that their clout at the bargaining table in the future might be nill.

We will wait and see what they come up with.

More later……………………

Bugs Manderson


3 responses to “08.31.2010

  1. AMEN
    Now shut the fuck up the game is on. Or at least the replay is.


  2. After seeing Douglas Count Comissoner MIKE BOYLE, last week at BRONCOS devouring BIG BRONCO BURGERS and french fries like a Turkey Buzzard on a road kill… I have no doubt he SWIMS at SEA WORLD in the SUMMER.
    God help the city of Omaha if his belt buckle ever breaks.
    Lets hope Anne Boyle doesn’t get elected LT GOV … the state budget couldn’t afford Mike’s FEED BILL

  3. Can I get amen from the church of “shut the fuck up the game is on”
    Haven’t we seen enough and heard enough of “From our house to your house .. WOODHOUSE FORD” ..get the lame blond off the TV
    Can I get amen from the church of “shut the fuck up the game is on”
    Haven’t we heard enough of the ” I can’t get a job if I don’t have an education” adds
    Can I get amen from the church of “shut the fuck up the game is on”
    Haven’t we heard enough of the “peggy you are going to die you have cancer” adds
    Can I get amen from the church of “shut the fuck up the game is on”

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