Suttle Recall Effort Moves Forward

Today 37,000+ petition signatures were turned into to the Douglas County Election Commissioner, thus moving forward the recall effort of Mayor Jim Suttle. Now they have 15 days to validate the signatures and force a recall vote.

Many figured the effort would fall way short of the 26,000 needed however the recall group surprised them by landing nearly 40% more signatures than needed.

A group opposed to the recall, Forward Omaha, has vowed to stop the effort by any means possible. Translate that into “We will stomp on the will of the people in order to get our way”. Hope they can dig into the deep pockets of the who’s who that stood up with them.

The next few months could prove to be very interesting in Omaha city politics. The Mayor has vowed not to resign but if he really cared about the city and its future that’s what he should do. Pull a P.J. Morgan and call it good early and let the city move forward. That action alone would show he cared more for the city than for himself and his cronies and save the city the price tag of holding two elections.

His ego wont allow him to do so and may reduce his political prowess to that of Mike Boyle. Who knows. Maybe after the dust settles the Dems can use him as the next sacrifice in the race for Lt. Gov.


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