7.15.2012 Sunday Chatter with Mongo

Nice to see the doors reopened here in time for an election and a chance to keep a watchful eye on the happenings in the city. Much has been missed.

It might be time to maybe enforce the drinking age laws in the old market. Again trouble has boiled over near 10th and Harney. Around 1:30 a.m. police were assaulted by a 20-year-old woman named Tatijana Davis who attempted to intervene in a traffic stop.  Tats wasnt involved in the stop but felt an inadvertent desire to stick her beak in someone elses business and give them the 411. To bad for her it involved the Five-o and 911 with whom she reportedly scratched hit and bit. Tattered even went as far as trying to take on the police horse.

She was charged with 3 counts of assaulting and officer and one count of assaulting a service animal. Great items for her resume.

Seems to be an ongoing problem in this vicinity. Underage people getting into altercations that result in a police response. An educated guess would be that there might be a common denominator close by and its past time for a sting op and see if we’re upholding the liquor laws.

Its getting harder and harder to read the World According to Warren Herald. Seems every Sunday it’s laced with more story’s about Buffetmania. Its looking less and less like a newspaper and more and more like an attempt by the editors to kiss the owners ass with flourishing reports of his greatness. Maybe they should retire and go get a position writing for the Bershire Hathaway newsletter.

Who says prison time doesn’t have its bennys. Seems a case worker has been arrested and relieved of duty after allegations that she had intimate inmate relations with a felon on furlough. The trysts are said to have occurred at her home and were reported by the inmates wife after he came clean during a domestic dispute. The inmate was said to be serving 9 to 69 for a drug charge. Guess its back to the showers for him after his furlough was revoked.

Authorities from the Nebraska Human Society raided a home near 189th and Blondo and discovered a collection of 30 venomous snakes being kept there. Makes the Elkhorn annexation look better and better all the time.

It was reported the snakes included Cobras, Black Mumbas, Vipers and Rattle snakes. Let me guess, He was a quiet man ?  Wonder if he impressed the chicks by telling them he had a Cobra and Viper at home in the garage. SURPRISE! He does. Every neighborhood has one of these guys.

Thats what I have for the present. Looks like its Geno and myself for now. We are looking for contributors to join the fracas around here. If your interested see the info on the about us page. In the meantime I will do my best to keep you up to snuff and entertained. If all else fails I might see if I can get Tats in a cage match bout with the police horse for bragging rights to the 10th and Harney parking lot.


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