Mongo’s Weekend Report

Here we go again. Shoot Shoot Stab Shoot will the insanity never cease? Again more trouble between 10th and 13th and Harney in the Old Market when a man was stabbed outside a bar near 13th Street.

Two underage people were shot in the parking lot of Louis Bar in the Benson district at closing time. The victims ages were 18 and 20 which leads one to ask. Can the people checking ID’s not do simple math?

It’s a disturbing trend. More and more underage persons are caught in the middle of altercations in areas that should shine as places for this city to be able to shake the stigma of being boring.

And where is Mayor Not So Suttle? He has been remarkably quite in all this except to dispel a study that says were not doing enough to curb crime in the city. Oh wait, Maybe he’s been busy making sure no more ditch trees were being cut down over on State Street.  Lets not forget how he dropped what he was doing and ran out to the 60th and State street area when a woman blocked the wood chipper with her car to stop the trimming of some weed trees along the side of the road that were being cut by a company with a permit so that a house could be moved. That’s a priority item for Jimmy pay raise.  Stepping up the heat on curbing out of control stupid acts of violence doesn’t seem to be.

Oh by the way. I wonder how many trees were cut down to build the new house now that the one originally selected to move was then raised in order to preserve the weed elms and maples along the side of the road?


Looks as if Penitentiary State will get off the hook with a modest 60 million dollar fine in the aftermath of the Sandusky child abuse scandal. The spineless NCAA reportedly refused the death penalty for the football program thus sending the message that out of control boosters and cash payments to players is far more heinous than the raping and abuse of children and the following cover up by high-ranking University officials. However the University removed the statue of Joe-Pa in the middle of the night and took it to an undisclosed location.

More symbolism of substance I’m afraid.


Hey on a high note, the last two weekends of live horse racing at Horseman’s park appears on all accounts to be a big success. Heres hoping for even more of the same and maybe even a full schedule of racing at the growing facility. It was even reported in Sundays edition of the Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffet Newsletter that Warren himself made an appearance at the track. Let me guess. $2 to show on “I’ll send my money elsewhere” in the 3rd ?

Watch the excessive heat this week folks As the town drys up dont dry up with it.


4 responses to “Mongo’s Weekend Report

  1. I agree with you on the mixing age and underage. I believe anyone under 21 should be out of the bar at 9 pm.

  2. One more note, all ages shows in bars that last later than midnight are never a good idea. Sorry to be Mr Poopy Pants here but the legal drinking age is 21. Any time you mix of age and under age in a crowded establishment for long periods there is too much risk for foolish people to violate the law and put at risk the license and the business. We are not saying the bar would willingly serve a minor but there are people who would procure for a minor and the bar would be at fault because the minor was there.

  3. Thanks for the fact check and more info. The police reported the ages as 20 and 18. Glad to know it didn’t involve the bar as well. Some people have a bad habit of putting the damper on a good thing. What is going on in Benson and mid town are changing the face of the city as a fun and exciting place to live for the younger crowd.

  4. I was there it was a all age show one of the guys was 22 not 20. And the shooting had nothing to do with the bar. Two cars drove up in the parking lot and started shooting at each other at first. My car was shot 3 times a long with a few others.

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