Big City Bobby and His Annoying Ad’s

Ok So Bobby’s come home from the big city and begins his run for the Senate. His opponent is a rancher by the name of Deb Fisher who is a resident of the state.

Because Bobby doesn’t have much to run against her with he fires out an ad calling her a welfare farmer because she is taking part of the Federal Grazing Program which subsidises the price of government land cattle are allowed to graze on, or as we call it in the big city, mowing.

Deb didn’t set the price of the land, she merely took advantage of a program which she qualified for. Oh yeah, and contributed to the production of food for hungry mouths.

Here is the real issue. Bobby seems to forget that the person who’s office he is running for has attempted to take part in a similar program by having his 90 acres along the Platte River designated Green Belt status. Yep. Uncle Ben also wanted to be a welfare farmer I guess. Except Benny claimed the wild turkeys on his land he was raising and he was providing trees to the lumber trade. Ben, cottonwood isn’t a big seller. Ok ?

Big City Bobby doesn’t want to run on his record or remarks. In fact the biggest thing Bobby managed to bring to the city was the bill for a 25 million dollar bridge to a swamp in Iowa. That was federal money you say, not so. The Papio NRD kicked in a cool mil, that’s money you paid in taxes, Omaha dropped some spare change in the bucket to the tune of another mil and then the federal money.  And where do you think that fed money comes from ?  I suggest you look at you pay stub under withholding.

Stick to New York Bobby.  Besides you wife likes it better there anyway. I guess pant suits make her itch.


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