Weekend Recap with Mongo Torrey

You go on vacation and all hell breaks loose around here. So many things missed.

Hey we landed on Mars with a space probe. Id love to give you more info but a husker player has gotten a hangnail and well all the media outlets in town are clogged with the step by step procedures on how to remedy in time for practice.


Once again Mayor Jimmy Payraise has tried to sneak another one under the radar only to be exposed. This years budget included crazy increases in pay for some of Jimbos favorite staffers. Before the City Council had the chance to debate it looks as if Jimmy handed out the checks, last January. Wait, didn’t he say there was a freeze on pay increases? Looks like Pammy paycheck and Steve Omydepartmentisunderstaffed have plugged in the defroster.

Isnt it funny how our Democratic friends in office keep saying how the rich are not paying their fare share. Then they pad their pockets off the taxpayer who’s money pays their salary. In the meantime many positions remain unfilled because there is no money in the budget. So while Pam and Stevie can afford a few more nights out at some swanky eatery some poor bastard who used to pick up trash around the parks is hoping there is enough left at the food bank so his kids can eat.

Another item caught my eye in City waste. I guess we are rebuilding the caretakers house at Dodge Park at a cost of over $250,000. That coin buys some pretty decent digs in West O. Maybe we should have looked a little harder for a better bidder. Wouldnt a nice Celebrity Home have filled the need down there? Starting at $150,000 and its all included. Folks you were fed a line of horse poo on the restaurant tax. This is no more than a slush fund for excess. Wait. I guess FEMA is expected to pick up the tab on about 75% of the bill. We should feel better it Federal money. Where does Federal money come from? Look at the line items of deductions on your paychecks folks.

More bike lanes are in the works around the city. While this seems like a great idea there are a few issues that need to be addressed. First, if we are giving up entire lanes of the roadway wouldn’t it make sense to levy a wheel tax on the vehicles that use that lane? After the dramatic increase in wheel tax fees being charged to anyone who puts plates on what gets them there only to have entire sections of road taken away from their access it seems fair. Lets go back to issuing license tags for bike like they used to when we were kids. Wait. Hold that. I think I just heard a drop of drool hit Pammy paychecks desk as she calculated another pay increase for her self off the proceeds.

As I continue to scan my pile of the Bershire Hathaway Newsletter left in a pile on my front steps while I was gone I find my head starting to pulse a little more. Back later as I get caught up on more and more nonsense around town.



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