Pedal This Jimmy Paycheck

Ok so Mayor pay raise has decided to dedicate entire traffic lanes for bicycle only use. Fabulous. He wants to make the city more bike friendly. Outstanding. Then today I had the pleasure of following one of these environmentally minded hipsters down the road as he, in his Olympia Cycle racing jersey, proceeded to run not one but four stop signs the last of which caused anther motorist to lock up and swerve.

At that point it occurred to me that if these two-wheeled ozone savers are going to be allowed to occupy the roadway then and they are required by law to, should obey the traffic laws and should also pay their fair share for the pavement in which they use.

So Jimmy if your reading this, and I know you have someone who does, I propose you introduce the wheel tax for bikes also. Its fair. They use the road they should pay for the road. This would also require a license for the bike. No big deal. As a kid in the 60’s we were required to obtain a license tag for our bikes if we wished to ride them to school. Plus think of the revenue stream.

And while were at it, require them to carry liability insurance too. Fair also. They are just as liable to cause an accident as a motorcycle or car. Especially when they don’t obey the traffic laws. If they cause or are involved in an accident then they rightly should be financially responsible. homeowners doesn’t cut it as many apartment dwellers ride too.  Fair is fair.



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