8/20/12 News Review With Mongo

A 46-year-old Lincoln man reportedly stabbed his 40-year-old brother in an argument over a song on the radio. The song was reportedly said to be “Dont Worry, Be Happy”.

The City of Omaha has stepped up its fight against gun violence. In a bold move city leaders have cleverly placed billboards in high crime areas. It is hopeful these signs will cause gangs to disband and peace and harmony fill all of North Omaha.  Funding for the billboards did not come from the pay raises of the Mayors staff. Ben Gray has reportedly agreed to schedule a few bouts with some of the areas fiercest hoods right after he gets through his preliminary battles with anyone daring to question his wifes school board ideas.

OPS is installing yet again a new grading system. I poured through the explanation and came to this conclusion. The system is based on the concept of making the grade point averages more in line of appearing as if the district is improving graduation rates. Translation. Looks like many a scholarship shall be offered to OPS grads from the University of Taco Bell. Brought to you from the same group that spends 500 million plus a year yet can’t find a suitable superintendent in a timely fashion.

Mongo Torrey


2 responses to “8/20/12 News Review With Mongo

  1. Looking for a return of the Mongo soon. Since he hit that 10 teamer he has been on a bender I believe. I shall pass on the word that he is missed.

  2. Where is mongo? Miss the great posts that keep me laughing.

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