12/7/2012 Mongo’s Morning Update


So much for sleeping till Noon. I’m not to sunshiny about this going back to work deal. Lets see whats going on around here.

Hey rest easy if you have a tub load of useless chemicals you need to rid yourself of. The City is prepared to provide stop gap funding for Under the Sink while they wait for State funding to catch up. Seems the State wants to see invoices before it hands out the dough now so the City needs to scratch up about 100k to keep the doors open over there.

No word on if a similar solution will be found for Mayor Diamond Jim’s “Under the Counter” payraise program will be found.

Creighton took UNL behind the woodshed last night and slapped them back into basketball reality with a 64-42 rump pumping. The dismantling now proves that after the Huskers tourched UNO 75-62 earlier this season, Trev Alberts distruction of UNO athletics outside of hockey is about complete.

The last few tennats left at the Nebraska Crossing Outlet mall have been told to sell your shit and go. No comment from Gretna City Officials on the matter except to say the issue will be on the agenda at a public forum on Dec 8th. So either something big is in the works OR your about to have the largest rest stop parking lot in 10 states that the restroom doors are locked shut.

Douglas County residents are arming up in record numbers. More permits were issued in November than anytime previous. Sources attribute the surge into several senarios. The Presidential Election, rise in crime around the country, fear of a gun ban coming from Washinton and exciting ad’s from Cabella’s.  I have a different take. Cheaper than Viagra.

It was a really slow news day. Come on folks give me something to work with here.  With only the Army Navy game on the sheet and snow in the forecast for Sunday I need a barn burning story to work on over the weekend or I’m going to end up at Wicker World again playing ring toss with the Christmas centerpieces.

Beings as I’m up I shall keep scouring the media for something interesting to write on.

Stay tuned

Mongo Torrey


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