12/8/12 Saturday Coffee With Mongo at Scooters

In the words of C & C Music Factory, “Ya’ll ready for this?”……………………….

Our City leaders can’t piss the money down the drain fast enough.  As if it isn’t bad enough we spent $93,000 (the amount of another of Mayor Jimmy Paychecks staff members salary) on a “study” last year to see if we need a 311 hot-line, they are serious about spending 1.2 million putting it in place. So serious they have “set aside” (or in the Nixon administration terms, SLUSH FUND) $40,000 to hire a person to work on this after the first of the year.

First, 311 has run its course and is a non factor in the music world anymore.

Ok  had to get that one in. But seriously.  By the time this is up and running we will have close to a million and a half smackaroos into this to have someone answer the phones and route calls? Holy shit Batman. And they say there is no money to mow the parks, patch the pot holes or knock down a few abandon houses.

Interviews for this position are in the works with hopes of having an ass in a chair by Jan 1st.  Tristin Bond may be rehired after all.

Here is a cost cutting idea. Hire two teenage girls, give them cell phones, IPads, Twitter accounts and watch them work their magic routing calls to their proper destination all while letting them watch Jersey Shore reruns and shop online.

And, last but not least, City Officials plan to take a road trip to other cities who have a 311 hot-line in place.  Isn’t that what the chick is Gretna was calling her missions on the Outlet Mall tour?

Its only your money people.


Also out of your wallet, the State overpaid OPS $6.3 million last year. Guess we know now where they found Mack the Knifes exit package money. Instead of having OPS write a check to pay the State back they will withhold future funding over time. Or as we like to call it , a no interest loan without a payment book. Fannie Mae must be the lender.

OPS has a general fund budget creeping close to a half a BILLION dollars a year now. Wrap your Winchell Doughnut stained hands around that number.  Add in that little side budget they care not to discuss in public and your knocking on 3/4 a billions door with such epically miserable results in the outcome.

 A Waterloo bar owner says that the employee that served alcohol to two underage men who then crashed the car she gave them the keys to killing one and severely injuring the other, no longer works at the bar.  NO SHIT.  She should be working the laundry down at the Douglas County Correction Center.

The bar owner said the two men were denied service earlier in the day by another employee only to return when Ms. Lack of Good Judgement Skills was on hand and tie one on. The bar could loose it license over this. Let hope the Allstate guy tells her that even her policy won’t cover stupidity and at the least she will be making payments on the wreckage for 4 more years.  In fact me thinks the truck should be displayed at the end of her driveway as a reminder.  I know, harsh, but sometimes that’s what it takes. You can’t spank em growing up anymore and try to get the brain jump started at an earlier age.


Ok, with nothing but Army Navy I guess its down to the Bingo game to test my skills against Aunt Mabel and the Determined Denture Posse.  My luck has to change. This having a real job gig isn’t working out well with my sleep schedule.


Mongo Torrey



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