12/13/12 Mongo Midweek (Ok so it isn’t Wednesday)

Nebraska Crossing shopping center near Gretna has a date with the wrecking ball near the 1st of the year. Gretna officials hope to clear the area to attract a bigger shopping venue (smell another Wal-Mart anyone).

All items are set to be auctioned off according to a spokesman who said if anyone is looking for copper, wire, electrical panels and such. I’m sure the crowd hanging out in the Methtel 7 parking lot will be happy to relieve them of these items.


Several customers of the Xotic Tan and Swimsuit Company were greeted to locked doors. The owners who were earlier charged with growing pot in their house have said to have unexpectedly turned in their keys to the landlord. Not sure if this was due to the fact that their new business model ,get baked while you bake, has fallen through.

Clients are upset about recent purchases of tanning packages they can now no longer use. Kinda like a Blockbuster gift card.


A Fremont man has been charged with felony selling of secured property after the business he once owned but was reverted back to the bank he defaulted his loan too was burglarized and several items showed up at an Omaha pawn shop. You will never guess who’s I.D. was attached to the pawn ticket.

The man was charged earlier with selling Oxycontin and now compounds his issues. But he wishes he’d held back a few pain killers for his trip to the Lincoln Felony Flophouse.


And the Waterloo bartender who served the two minors involved in the tragic fatal accident last weekend was charged with felony procuring alcohol for a minor. This fallout from this incident isn’t over after it was reported that several off duty Fremont police officers were also at the tavern in an unrelated event.

The woman claims she tried to get other employees to take over the table the minors were at because they were pressuring her to serve them. How about maybe she should have called the owner and had him direct someone to escort them out or have someone come get them. Yes I’m calling bullshit on her defense. Peer pressure is no excuse.

Even the old farts are getting in to the pot party. State Troopers nailed a 68 year old Idaho man for transporting 124lbs of weed hidden in a compartment below the fuel tank of his truck. That’s one bad ass bought with glaucoma. Not sure if the rumor is true that he missed the turn to Colorado somewhere back in Laramie.


Stay safe out there


Mongo Torrey


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