Counciltucky Mom Arrested After You Tube Fight

Fresh off the blotter of the epically stupid, a Council Bluffs candidate for parent of the year was arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor and child endangerment after she encouraged her 13 year old son to fight a 12 year old schoolmate while she shouted instructions. Too bad for her she isn’t qualified to be the ring man for Frankie “Glass Jaw” Delvino.

The fight was recorded by another child then posted on You Tube. She can be heard shouting “pull his hair, punch him, my moneys on my kid.” A fool and their money soon parted, the kid should have taken the bet.

The younger kid turned the tables on the bully and only when the 12 year old got Tubby the Twinkie Killer on the ground and was smacking the stupid out of him did she intervene and then punched the younger kid in the face. Hate to think of what happened to her kid once he got home after loosing the fight.

Whats troubling is the fact that the Twin City Trailer Park Queen stood with a group of children and watched this unfold and then took part in the actions. What a fine example of motherhood. I’ve seen the tape. The younger kid was smaller but clearly faster and better equipped. Mom can be clearly seen standing in the front row, easy to spot as she has clearly exceeded her bakers dozen limit at Krispy Kreme, and her shrill voice dominates the audio.

Mom’s out after posting a $2000 bond.

Next time mom, bring a towel and throw it in before the first punch gets thrown. You may not have the mental capacity to grasp the long term effects your spewing on your child however don’t make him the butt of jokes at school by giving kids your stupid ass to make fun of as well and fueling a long term anger issue inside your offspring.

Mongo Torrey


2 responses to “Counciltucky Mom Arrested After You Tube Fight

  1. I lived in Kansas most my life. Also lived in Missouri and Indiana. I’m used to rural areas. I moved to Council Bluffs a month ago. I’m ready to leave already. Seriously, I’ve already put some things back in boxes. Life is too short, I will not stay here. Never have I ever come across more on-guard, stand-offish people in all my life.

    …and if you’re wondering how The Mullet is doing, it is alive and well in Council Bluffs.

    PS : Gotta love all those intersections with the red light cameras! At each of them are the fastest yellow traffic lights I’ve ever seen in my life.

  2. More of that fine Counciltucky culture for all to see.

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