Chris Jerram City Councils Resident Retard

Here I was hoping the Omaha mayoral race would sort itself out before I had to waste precious minutes writing about insignificant players and then Chris Jerram shows up.

On Sunday Councilman Jerram was photographed in an Omaha Bar (McFlys) holding up a t-shirt that depicted fellow Councilwoman Jean Stothert on a stripper pole with a caption “Stop Stripping Our Tax Dollars”. Nice Chris but not smart.

Yes, It’s only a t-shirt. Some not so smart Fire Union Member thought this up and then a few more of them liked it so much they had them printed. No big deal. It isn’t like I don’t laugh at the tasteless joke all the time. In fact I will cut the firemen some slack on this. Their job alone earns them a Mulligan or three.

But Chris. Nope.

Midtown you keep putting this boneheaded brain fart back on the council. What does this say about your intellectual prowess? Think about it. This is the same idiot who proposed an inspection tax on satellite dishes and the hiring of city workers to go inspect them. Remember that folly. “I was walking around my neighborhood and noticed all of these dishes and thought my lord there is electricity running to them”.  I think that was after he just finished watching “From Russia With Love” on the clueless network. Thank god that proposal was throat punched into the trash can.

Now Chris is extending an apology to Jean. “I was wrong to have my picture taken with that shirt”. I have a better idea Chris. How about you saddle up your bike and hit the unused lanes of roadway we have coughed up for the cause and pedal your tubby butt around town sporting a thong and bikini top wearing a sign that says “Forgive me Jean”.

And to my Fire Buddies. You know who you are. We have this debate. Nobody is stripping your tax dollars. You have to live in the city of Omaha for that to be the case. Bazinga.  You folks who reside in Papillion, La Vista, Gretna, Bellevue, Bennington and outside the mil levee should hush a little. and stop playing the danger card so often. Because I know a few good proud young men crawling through a dessert right now defending the good ole US of A who don’t have on third the pension you got on the books and the difference is people are shooting at them and trying to blow their ass off the planet daily. Dial it back a notch.

For you libs who find the shirt funny, stop playing the “We care about women’s rights card”.

As for my un politically correct minded self, yes I used the word RETARD. If Chris had a diagnosed learning deficiency I would have been more sensitive but in this case the shoe fits and he wears it proudly.


Mongo Torrey


2 responses to “Chris Jerram City Councils Resident Retard

  1. Chris jerram needs to resign n give all his money to poor.. I will sell him a tent..

  2. Fire Marshall Fred

    Nice use of the term retard.
    It’s shameless how the same people claim to be the party of everyone then sling filth at people that dont march lock step with their agenda. The shirt showed up in one bar, the firefighters union hot spot right along with the mattress factory. Apple doesnt fall far. Maybe the Lampe’s have a lead who was passing them out.

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