03.21.2013 Primary Getting Dicey But MTV Star Provides Distraction From Real News

Stop the presses!!   Stop the presses  !!!

The Omaha areas resident MTV star has made another poor life choice. Farrah Abraham, the Council Bluffs native, who was once the star of 16 and knocked up or something like that, was picked up Tuesday around 1 a.m. for DUI near 11th and Howard.

Farrah blew a .147 which put her at near double the legal limit. Party on Wayne, Party on Garth.

The superstar was also the star of the spinoff program, Teen Mom and will soon be featured in MTV newest pilot ” Someone Bitchslap My Brain Start Please”

All together now “She’s turning her life around and looking to a positive future and hoping to get a recording contract”.

If you were at the public forum over at Anthony’s last night you know this primary is getting better by the minute. The candidates for Mayor sparred with each other and the gallery of voters who pretty much sent the message “Get your poop together folks we are tired of the same ole song and dance”.

I’m not ready to endorse anyone but I did cross a couple of names off the list.

Mayor Diamond Jim reenforced he’s out . His solution to everything was invent a tax and over regulate everyone. Jean Stothert took some heat over her support for the city’s new contractor requirement that was written so poorly and is so costly to local small businesses and property managers that it needs to go back to the drawing board. I’m not ready to cross her off just yet but she needs to get back on task and promote her lower tax stance and explain how she plans to move the city forward better.

Brad Ashford was all over the map. I scratched the line across his name so hard it tore the note pad. Brad never met a law telling you how to live he didn’t like. And after listening to him I got the impression Brad will say anything depending on which side of his finger gets cold when there is a breeze.

Dave Nabity drew a good response when he questioned taxes, regulations and his stance on gun ownership. “An armed public is a safe public”.

Dan Welch also drew a good response with his getting union contracts under control position.

10 days the mess gets sorted out a little better.

On one other note, after seeing Chris Jerram’s reaction to his folly last Sunday, Midtown would be better served if they voted for the other person or for that matter wrote in someone with an active brain scan to represent them. Ann Boyle the door is open. My lord what am I saying?

Powerball is at $320 million. Gets your tickets early. Before the next Mayor sets the tax so the cash payout is somewhere around a buck fifty.

Mongo Torrey


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