First up  Hats off and a standing ovation to our smoke eaters who battled the 3 alarm apartment fire near 144th and Maple.

When a ceiling collapsed on two of the firemen a rescue crew jumped in gear and risked their lives to save them, then also found themselves is harms way but their training and exemplary skills got everyone out safe and sound.

This was the second fire at this complex in four months and watching the blaze and how the building went up like Clark Griswold’s Christmas tree at the hands of Uncle Louis, one has to ask if there is something wrong with the construction of these buildings? Nah couldn’t be. Why they passed inspection.

Stay tuned for the Fire Marshall’s findings.

Unfortunately I have to comment on a story reported by KETV about the possessions of a fallen Marine being stolen from a storage facility near 90th and Maple.

Police are investigating the break in and I have an idea if they locate the perps in this case. Whats say instead of jail or probation maybe we “accidentally” send said perps to a Marine facility for use as dummy’s in a training exercise?

Have to fire up this one from Lincoln.

Lincoln firefighters we called to a duplex fire started by children playing with a lighter. They managed to contain the flames to one unit but the adjoining residence sustained smoke damage and a blazing operation of the growing variety.

The firemen called police after uncovering a pot growing operation. Two people were arrested for manufacturing a controlled substance. Cheech and Chong will be making a movie about them, Up in Smoke II, Where’s Your Lighter Dude?

Creighton takes on Cincinnati at 1:45 today. So managers prepare for a rash of “I don’t feel so well’s” around noon. See you all at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Mongo Torrey


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