Ask and ye shall receive.

An employee at the Millard KFC has told police that when he left for the bank at noon on March 19th with the “cash” deposits for the past few day he made a couple stops at some local watering holes for oh six hours.

The next day he discovered the money bag was missing. He said he was using a borrowed sports car who’s doors didnt lock. Nice car. Did your friend name it the General Lee?

Here is the good part about this. This story is so good not only did he admit he was a dumb ass but he also told police he was drinking and driving to the point he forgot what happened between 6 p.m. and 9.a.m. the next day. Can you see the employee of the month picture being removed as we speak? Wonder if the bartenders got a craving for fried chicken every time he paid for a round.  Ok, it isn’t right to assume.

No arrests have been made at this point.

Another question? Why would you be holding six days worth of deposits at the store anyway?  St Pattys bar tab?

Mongo Torrey






2 responses to “03.28.2013

  1. Well Art, you use we like you take the field with the players who stand behind their coach.
    Hi men shit coaching? That’s a new term. Care to elaborate?
    Im sure you were also on the “Burn Callahan at the stake” float in the homecoming parade.
    So who would you like to see lead the program? An Urban Meyer type who brings with his winning ways a police blotter of players?
    Anyway, my point was the media is just about as pitiful, ignorant and lacking any real reporting intellect. The reporters at the World Herald seem to have all the answers to what ales the program however given the reins I highly doubt they could win the spring game let alone a contest against Eastern North Dakota State School of Mines.

  2. Wow as a real Nebraska fan I wish you dumb asses would quit making excuses and blaming the media for BOs hi men shit coaching and for the decline of our football program the media really we got thumped again the big ten isn’t the big 12 we got to start humbling up a bit and get out heads out of our asses and start realizing we are in a real conference now Wisconsin put 70 on us and mediocre Iowa just beat is by 21 wake up if we don’t address the real problems buskers are in big trouble

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