Bo,Huskers and the Media of Morons.

We all know the score. It wasn’t pretty today but from the start the hooks were out for Bo. ESPN’s D- team of announcers were questioning Bo’s future before the kick off. Couple that with some of the worst annalist of a game in some time then add the in-depth question by the sideline dolt “How did you feel about the two interceptions?” and it was destined to become a Boimplosion at its finest.

Expectations in Husker nation are this. Win big, often, don’t cheat and resemble a choir boy. All while the faithful hurl insults at you and the press, many whom have never played a down, tell you everything you have done wrong. And when the media gets called out on their stupid questions they get madder than Tom Sh Sh Shatel after he lost the stuttering contest to Jimmy Stewart and Mel Tillis.

The fact is the program isn’t in the shape of the 90’s. Times change. Ole T O had the same issue when he took the reins from Booby D and played in the Big2 little 6 where the season was loaded with cupcakes till the last week. Them days are over folks. NCAA rule changes have made once weakling programs halfway decent. Can we say Duke,Kansas State, Northwestern, Central Florida? And it wasn’t till the 90’s that Tom figured out how to win the big ones.

So Bo’s a little colorful. It was a chicken shit call. But like the boss that doesn’t like to be called out on his fuck ups and wants to make sure you know he’s in charge, the Big 10 officials have Bo’s number. At least his assistants aren’t slapping 10 year old asses in the shower or covering up for the thug life selling their wares for new tattoo’s. Things could be worse. You could be Indiana.

Be glad your coach is willing to stand up for his men and take the fire head on. Better yet demand the likes of Tom Shatel, Lee Barfknecht and the Bozo’s over at ESPN to step up their game and do some real reporting. Stop writing the easy stories and stop creating the news.

And fans, Tom retired. Get over it. Solich isn’t setting any fires in Ohio, get over it. This isn’t NCAA13 on xbox live. Most of you throw your controller and spill your beer when Middle West Virginia State scores on your dream team because you called your 100th straight option and the computer made your made up player using your name drop the ball and they ran it back for a score. In other words you’d suck at the job. Tailgate and shut up.

See you at the Liberty Bowl


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