BO Part 2

Well the AD has spoken and basically he told the media to shut up. After reading the World According the Sh Sh Sh Sh tel on Saturday coupled with Barfknecht Bo was gone. Not so fast T T T T om. And that’s why you aren’t in charge of football program at Nebraska. Click your heels and head back to Kansas where once you came.

In Shatel’s column he was appalled that Bo made mention of the Iowa coaches outburst on the sideline, calling him the nicest guy in the Big 10. Well Tom maybe you two should date then. But if you were watching it on tv you would have seen he had to be continually restrained by his assistant coaches and was spewing more profanities than a Vietnamese hooker on dollar day.

Then add Steve Sipple  from the Lincoln Journal Star to the circle of media who know better who claimed the Athletic Directors statement left speculation because it wasn’t written to his liking. Well Steve I believe the last part reads “well into the future” which should tell you it extends past the bowl game. Do you guys get together and share a typewriter?

As for calling you guys out on being a distraction, well a spades a spade and you guys dug the hole. Your reporting sucks. If you can’t find it, make it up. Create the controversy so you have something to write about. Spread the rumor and maybe it comes true. Well your article on Saturday was wrong. To bad that doesn’t mean that the managing editor doesn’t tee your contract up and send it slicing off the fairway.

Now if I’m Bo, next press conference, I look Shatel right in the eye and take the question from the intern seated next to him who writes for The Beaver Crossing Weekly. And the next time an ESPN sideline washed up hack stops me at the tunnel at halftime Id only answer questions with clichés like “Were just happy to be here, Were taking it one play at a time and the good lord willing we will win”. Why not, their going to make it up anyway.

By the way Tom, did you watch Sweet Lou Saben shouting profanities at his players tonight? Did you see how well Urban Meyers players carried themselves off the field this afternoon with obscene gestures to the fans? How about the antics of the USC players during their game ?  At least Bo runs a clean program unless you want to baggage that follows USC, Ohio State, Miami, Florida State and the list gets longer. But then you’d have something real to write about.



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