Today a semi hauling cattle overturned closing a Dodge Street on ramp to I-680. You’d think the Iowa fan base would have gone home by now wouldn’t you?

Lincoln continues to be the crime of the weird capital after 2 teens were arrested in the theft of 300 packets of potpourri. I know your asking yourself, what the hell?  A father of one of the teens called police when he discovered the potpourri after their house started to smell like an Herbal essence factory accident. The father, concerned his son had gone flaming twinkle toes, turned in his child in hopes a little jail time would help his son in his quest to lose his virginity.

A name in the news you just can’t make up, Latjor Gony. Someone was getting their ass kicked playing scrabble on delivery day. Latjor was arrested in a robbery of 2 cell phone and an ipad mini after he answered a craigslist ad and offered to buy the ipad mini only to meet up with the seller and take it and the phones at gunpoint. Moral of the story, stop shopping craigslist when you have to meet some hood in a parking lot.


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