Handslaps and Handouts

Well the mighty Big 10 has spoken and Coach Pelini was publicly scolded and handed a $10,000 fine for his outburst and actions last Friday. Fine. Write the check and put “chickenshit” in the memo.

In the meantime, in order to preserve a possible marque matchup for the National Title the Big 10 slapped the hands of the Michigan and Ohio State players who found it perfect to punch shove and tear off helmets and give a two finger salute to the fans on the way off the field. No suspensions, Double Standard ? You bet. Why would we tarnish the image of our two front line programs possibly costing one a trip to the big game, if they can get past Michigan State this weekend. ( Watch for a few extra calls to go the Buckeyes way).

The Big 10 boys need Ohio State in the big dance. It needs to raise the image of the football side of the conference. It also needed to bow to the SEC network, also known as ESPN, who called for Pelini’s head on a stake for dissing its sideline reporter. However don’t ruffle Urban Meyer’s polo.

Bo needs to polish his image or just have fun with these guys. My idea, hire a press secretary to handle the questions. Someone with a way with words. Someone who knows how to deal with the likes of Tom, Steve and Lee.  Hire Larry the Cable Guy. At least the answers would be on the same intellectual level as the questions.

More later.


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