12.04.2013 If You Like Your School You Can Keep Your School. BA HA HA HA HA

Hope the Millard School Board meeting next Monday is on pay per view because it may be worth watching after the board released its plan to redraw the school boundaries.

The district plan is to help alleviate overcrowding at Millard West that they expect to get worse in the coming years. Many folks aren’t happy and their reasons are, well, humorous. One lady compared the redrawing of the lines to having to switch from being a Husker fan to an Iowa State fan. Well sorry Bitsy is going to have to find a new set of friends to take duck faced selfies with. In the game of sub division one upsmanship some of the in crowd is going to have to see how to poor folk hang.

Maybe the higher road would be to worry about the same level of quality of education be equivalent at all three high schools and not if Buffy and Biff go to the same school as all the Britney Spears look-a-like club.  And to the guy from Armbrust Acres, sucks to get excluded from the clique now don’t it?


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