South Omaha State Senator Jeremy Nordquist did a little snuggle and snap with the President then urged young people to disregard the security snafus and the all out lies and disinformation, toss caution to the wind and join the Obamacare cult. I wonder if Jeremy would send his bank information to the rich Nigerian Prince who needs to sneak his millions out of the country as well?

Former State Senator Brenda Council was handed 3 years probation and a $500 fine for her misuse of campaign money after a plea deal. Council was snitched out by now State Senator Ernie “the crime fighter” Chambers who beat Ms Council out to regain his seat. One can only look at his own district to see his toughness on crime and willing to double down and go all in to regain his soap box.

Hours after the owner of West Omaha’s Wake and Skate board shop appeared in court on drug charges the business was raided by police. Reaction from clientele  was that of “Dude Bummer” and “Guess we’ll have to hotbox someplace else.” Guess there will be a noted drop in business at the new sub shop nearby as the munchiefest moves elsewhere.


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