Pete Festerson has thrown in the towel in his bid to oust Lee Terry.  Festerson was counting on an outraged voter pool after the Government shutdown only to have to find himself running against the debacle of Obamacare.

Pete cited time away from family as well as his duties as City Council President as his reason for pulling his hat from the race.


Speaking of the City Council, Chris Jerram is back in pout mode after the city withdrew its application to apply $308,000 to build a protected bike lane on South 32nd Ave. Jerram loves the dedicated hardly used bike lanes even though bike pay no wheel tax yet he expects them to be given preferred access to roads. Look Chris I just pointed out a revenue stream for you. Tie that to giving the guy on the bike who runs the same stop sign every morning and maybe you can pay for the paint for the lanes.

Be on the lookout for some idiot pretending to be an M.U.D. employee and trying to gain access to your home to read your meter. Officials reported complaints of this scum and their inability to produce an I.D. card. M.U.D. cautions you to ask for I.D. and if suspicious call police. They do not collect any money at homes or businesses.  They are outraged that someone would attempt this move. Guess they hate competition.


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