Eye on Omaha General Information


We are a blog dedicated to all things Omaha. (Nebraska)

In here you will find local news, sports, nonsense and some youth hockey craziness.


We are now looking for NEW STAFF MEMBERS. Must have quick wit. Be willing to work for no pay and able to keep a secret.  If interested email us with a sample of your writing style and if we like it we will be in contact.

Meet the Staff

Bugs Manderson  Editor in Absence

Geno Pinkney       I.T. Guy

Timothy Colecreek

And last but not least

Mongo Torrey           Second Editor in Chief,class clown and star writer.

Our contact information:

Leave a comment under each post

General email   BootsSheldon@hotmail.com

Hockey  Info    HockeyHighlights@hotmail.com

Mongo Torrey  MongoTorrey@hotmail.com

Have fun, come back often and feel free to join in.


One response to “Eye on Omaha General Information

  1. How do you obtain the password for the hocky chat room?

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