BO Part 2

Well the AD has spoken and basically he told the media to shut up. After reading the World According the Sh Sh Sh Sh tel on Saturday coupled with Barfknecht Bo was gone. Not so fast T T T T om. And that’s why you aren’t in charge of football program at Nebraska. Click your heels and head back to Kansas where once you came.

In Shatel’s column he was appalled that Bo made mention of the Iowa coaches outburst on the sideline, calling him the nicest guy in the Big 10. Well Tom maybe you two should date then. But if you were watching it on tv you would have seen he had to be continually restrained by his assistant coaches and was spewing more profanities than a Vietnamese hooker on dollar day.

Then add Steve Sipple  from the Lincoln Journal Star to the circle of media who know better who claimed the Athletic Directors statement left speculation because it wasn’t written to his liking. Well Steve I believe the last part reads “well into the future” which should tell you it extends past the bowl game. Do you guys get together and share a typewriter?

As for calling you guys out on being a distraction, well a spades a spade and you guys dug the hole. Your reporting sucks. If you can’t find it, make it up. Create the controversy so you have something to write about. Spread the rumor and maybe it comes true. Well your article on Saturday was wrong. To bad that doesn’t mean that the managing editor doesn’t tee your contract up and send it slicing off the fairway.

Now if I’m Bo, next press conference, I look Shatel right in the eye and take the question from the intern seated next to him who writes for The Beaver Crossing Weekly. And the next time an ESPN sideline washed up hack stops me at the tunnel at halftime Id only answer questions with clichés like “Were just happy to be here, Were taking it one play at a time and the good lord willing we will win”. Why not, their going to make it up anyway.

By the way Tom, did you watch Sweet Lou Saben shouting profanities at his players tonight? Did you see how well Urban Meyers players carried themselves off the field this afternoon with obscene gestures to the fans? How about the antics of the USC players during their game ?  At least Bo runs a clean program unless you want to baggage that follows USC, Ohio State, Miami, Florida State and the list gets longer. But then you’d have something real to write about.



Bo,Huskers and the Media of Morons.

We all know the score. It wasn’t pretty today but from the start the hooks were out for Bo. ESPN’s D- team of announcers were questioning Bo’s future before the kick off. Couple that with some of the worst annalist of a game in some time then add the in-depth question by the sideline dolt “How did you feel about the two interceptions?” and it was destined to become a Boimplosion at its finest.

Expectations in Husker nation are this. Win big, often, don’t cheat and resemble a choir boy. All while the faithful hurl insults at you and the press, many whom have never played a down, tell you everything you have done wrong. And when the media gets called out on their stupid questions they get madder than Tom Sh Sh Shatel after he lost the stuttering contest to Jimmy Stewart and Mel Tillis.

The fact is the program isn’t in the shape of the 90’s. Times change. Ole T O had the same issue when he took the reins from Booby D and played in the Big2 little 6 where the season was loaded with cupcakes till the last week. Them days are over folks. NCAA rule changes have made once weakling programs halfway decent. Can we say Duke,Kansas State, Northwestern, Central Florida? And it wasn’t till the 90’s that Tom figured out how to win the big ones.

So Bo’s a little colorful. It was a chicken shit call. But like the boss that doesn’t like to be called out on his fuck ups and wants to make sure you know he’s in charge, the Big 10 officials have Bo’s number. At least his assistants aren’t slapping 10 year old asses in the shower or covering up for the thug life selling their wares for new tattoo’s. Things could be worse. You could be Indiana.

Be glad your coach is willing to stand up for his men and take the fire head on. Better yet demand the likes of Tom Shatel, Lee Barfknecht and the Bozo’s over at ESPN to step up their game and do some real reporting. Stop writing the easy stories and stop creating the news.

And fans, Tom retired. Get over it. Solich isn’t setting any fires in Ohio, get over it. This isn’t NCAA13 on xbox live. Most of you throw your controller and spill your beer when Middle West Virginia State scores on your dream team because you called your 100th straight option and the computer made your made up player using your name drop the ball and they ran it back for a score. In other words you’d suck at the job. Tailgate and shut up.

See you at the Liberty Bowl


Ask and ye shall receive.

An employee at the Millard KFC has told police that when he left for the bank at noon on March 19th with the “cash” deposits for the past few day he made a couple stops at some local watering holes for oh six hours.

The next day he discovered the money bag was missing. He said he was using a borrowed sports car who’s doors didnt lock. Nice car. Did your friend name it the General Lee?

Here is the good part about this. This story is so good not only did he admit he was a dumb ass but he also told police he was drinking and driving to the point he forgot what happened between 6 p.m. and 9.a.m. the next day. Can you see the employee of the month picture being removed as we speak? Wonder if the bartenders got a craving for fried chicken every time he paid for a round.  Ok, it isn’t right to assume.

No arrests have been made at this point.

Another question? Why would you be holding six days worth of deposits at the store anyway?  St Pattys bar tab?

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Well the candidates for Mayor held the last forum before the primary at the Omaha Playhouse. Might have been more fun at the Iowa Playhouse except to add more fodder for the next fireman sponsored t-shirt. Ok that was a cheap shot, but I had to get it in now.

City planning was on the table with Diamond Jim touting his “well” used bike lanes. I still say if you are going to dedicate a lane of roadway to bikes they have to join in the wheel tax parade.

The subject of urban sprawl came up and exposed a land grab disguised as a land bank where the city under Jimbos direction would “acquire” (confiscate) vacant lots on the North side and then sell them to developers with “incentives” to develop them. Anyone smell subsided housing? If you are going to give someone incentive then give it to somebody like Habitat for Humanity whose good work involves sweat equity and community volunteerism. But first, mow the parks you say you don’t have money to take care of before you “acquire” more land because once you grab it you have to maintain it.

Jean Stothert defended the push West saying people have a right to desire bigger houses with bigger yards (and higher tax bills which result in more revenue).  The truth is, Omaha has contained itself rather well over the years. The neighborhoods have stacked out West quite nicely. A great point was made that as the city continues to put a higher tax burden on people with inadequate services to offer for the fee, people will continue to move outside the city limits and reach. Just ask all the firemen that live out in Papillion and points elsewhere.

April 2nd brings the field to two and then the mud starts to fly.

I wasn’t ready to endorse anyone yet except I’m tossing my support in District 2 City Council to Tariq Al-Amin over incumbant Ben Gray and the others. Why you ask? I know Tariq has been sand in the vaseline at times but that’s good. He makes people think. I know the man and he isn’t afraid to let you know where he stands. He believes in North Omaha and the people who reside there. And he believes in the untapped potential in his district. It’s time to shake things up effectively in the district and Tariq can shake things up. Plus he pays his taxes.  Best of luck my friend.

Since the video of Omaha Police rolling an Omaha man surfaced, calls for the reinstatement of the police auditor had renewed. Even some Council members are rethinking their position. As long as it isn’t Tristin Bond there may be some basis to this.

One officer has been put on paid leave which translates into, pack your shit and start looking for a job in the mall cop department.

Councilman Ben I want the spotlight Gray said the Police Chief needs to keep the public informed on the investigation. So Ben you are saying screw due process and trial by media, right? Give the Chief a chance to do his job. If he blows it then call him out on it. He has put his ass on the stump by saying he will get to the bottom of it. My feeling is he has something to prove about being the right man for the job and you are going to get an honest response from him that the Police Union may not like. Not everything happens instantly and you don;t get immediate gratification. He has a duty to be thorough and accurate.  He has the rope, lets see what he does with it.

Ok that;s it for today. Please somebody do something stupid so we can lighten things up around here again.

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First up  Hats off and a standing ovation to our smoke eaters who battled the 3 alarm apartment fire near 144th and Maple.

When a ceiling collapsed on two of the firemen a rescue crew jumped in gear and risked their lives to save them, then also found themselves is harms way but their training and exemplary skills got everyone out safe and sound.

This was the second fire at this complex in four months and watching the blaze and how the building went up like Clark Griswold’s Christmas tree at the hands of Uncle Louis, one has to ask if there is something wrong with the construction of these buildings? Nah couldn’t be. Why they passed inspection.

Stay tuned for the Fire Marshall’s findings.

Unfortunately I have to comment on a story reported by KETV about the possessions of a fallen Marine being stolen from a storage facility near 90th and Maple.

Police are investigating the break in and I have an idea if they locate the perps in this case. Whats say instead of jail or probation maybe we “accidentally” send said perps to a Marine facility for use as dummy’s in a training exercise?

Have to fire up this one from Lincoln.

Lincoln firefighters we called to a duplex fire started by children playing with a lighter. They managed to contain the flames to one unit but the adjoining residence sustained smoke damage and a blazing operation of the growing variety.

The firemen called police after uncovering a pot growing operation. Two people were arrested for manufacturing a controlled substance. Cheech and Chong will be making a movie about them, Up in Smoke II, Where’s Your Lighter Dude?

Creighton takes on Cincinnati at 1:45 today. So managers prepare for a rash of “I don’t feel so well’s” around noon. See you all at Buffalo Wild Wings.

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03.21.2013 Primary Getting Dicey But MTV Star Provides Distraction From Real News

Stop the presses!!   Stop the presses  !!!

The Omaha areas resident MTV star has made another poor life choice. Farrah Abraham, the Council Bluffs native, who was once the star of 16 and knocked up or something like that, was picked up Tuesday around 1 a.m. for DUI near 11th and Howard.

Farrah blew a .147 which put her at near double the legal limit. Party on Wayne, Party on Garth.

The superstar was also the star of the spinoff program, Teen Mom and will soon be featured in MTV newest pilot ” Someone Bitchslap My Brain Start Please”

All together now “She’s turning her life around and looking to a positive future and hoping to get a recording contract”.

If you were at the public forum over at Anthony’s last night you know this primary is getting better by the minute. The candidates for Mayor sparred with each other and the gallery of voters who pretty much sent the message “Get your poop together folks we are tired of the same ole song and dance”.

I’m not ready to endorse anyone but I did cross a couple of names off the list.

Mayor Diamond Jim reenforced he’s out . His solution to everything was invent a tax and over regulate everyone. Jean Stothert took some heat over her support for the city’s new contractor requirement that was written so poorly and is so costly to local small businesses and property managers that it needs to go back to the drawing board. I’m not ready to cross her off just yet but she needs to get back on task and promote her lower tax stance and explain how she plans to move the city forward better.

Brad Ashford was all over the map. I scratched the line across his name so hard it tore the note pad. Brad never met a law telling you how to live he didn’t like. And after listening to him I got the impression Brad will say anything depending on which side of his finger gets cold when there is a breeze.

Dave Nabity drew a good response when he questioned taxes, regulations and his stance on gun ownership. “An armed public is a safe public”.

Dan Welch also drew a good response with his getting union contracts under control position.

10 days the mess gets sorted out a little better.

On one other note, after seeing Chris Jerram’s reaction to his folly last Sunday, Midtown would be better served if they voted for the other person or for that matter wrote in someone with an active brain scan to represent them. Ann Boyle the door is open. My lord what am I saying?

Powerball is at $320 million. Gets your tickets early. Before the next Mayor sets the tax so the cash payout is somewhere around a buck fifty.

Mongo Torrey

Chris Jerram City Councils Resident Retard

Here I was hoping the Omaha mayoral race would sort itself out before I had to waste precious minutes writing about insignificant players and then Chris Jerram shows up.

On Sunday Councilman Jerram was photographed in an Omaha Bar (McFlys) holding up a t-shirt that depicted fellow Councilwoman Jean Stothert on a stripper pole with a caption “Stop Stripping Our Tax Dollars”. Nice Chris but not smart.

Yes, It’s only a t-shirt. Some not so smart Fire Union Member thought this up and then a few more of them liked it so much they had them printed. No big deal. It isn’t like I don’t laugh at the tasteless joke all the time. In fact I will cut the firemen some slack on this. Their job alone earns them a Mulligan or three.

But Chris. Nope.

Midtown you keep putting this boneheaded brain fart back on the council. What does this say about your intellectual prowess? Think about it. This is the same idiot who proposed an inspection tax on satellite dishes and the hiring of city workers to go inspect them. Remember that folly. “I was walking around my neighborhood and noticed all of these dishes and thought my lord there is electricity running to them”.  I think that was after he just finished watching “From Russia With Love” on the clueless network. Thank god that proposal was throat punched into the trash can.

Now Chris is extending an apology to Jean. “I was wrong to have my picture taken with that shirt”. I have a better idea Chris. How about you saddle up your bike and hit the unused lanes of roadway we have coughed up for the cause and pedal your tubby butt around town sporting a thong and bikini top wearing a sign that says “Forgive me Jean”.

And to my Fire Buddies. You know who you are. We have this debate. Nobody is stripping your tax dollars. You have to live in the city of Omaha for that to be the case. Bazinga.  You folks who reside in Papillion, La Vista, Gretna, Bellevue, Bennington and outside the mil levee should hush a little. and stop playing the danger card so often. Because I know a few good proud young men crawling through a dessert right now defending the good ole US of A who don’t have on third the pension you got on the books and the difference is people are shooting at them and trying to blow their ass off the planet daily. Dial it back a notch.

For you libs who find the shirt funny, stop playing the “We care about women’s rights card”.

As for my un politically correct minded self, yes I used the word RETARD. If Chris had a diagnosed learning deficiency I would have been more sensitive but in this case the shoe fits and he wears it proudly.


Mongo Torrey