Youth Hockey News/ Get the mud a slinging

WANTED   Warm Bodies to officiate

Yes the MWAHA needs you, or someone, anyone

Do you need a little extra beer money?

Have a case of little mans syndrome you’d like to expel?

Then they have a spot for you.

Eyesight and questionable work backrounds NO PROBLEM!!!!!!

Easier than working at ACORN.

If interested just show up with striped shirt and skates (sorry unless your seeing eye dog can skate you will have to leave him on the bench)

Watch Us Retract.

After getting a scolding email and some well deserved bitch slapping we are retracting are post about Papio being the stacked team in the coral. Sorry Ricky. It wasn’t aimed at you but more at the non-existent puppet director who is letting last seasons version of Oliver Stone continue to run the program from behind the wizards curtain. And the score sheet comment wasn’t aimed at you either, sorry you took it that way, but take a trip down memory lane and someone will give you the details to that barb.

Forgive us, were in the business of lampooning things but after also getting an email sent from a local library to avoid a tracer we were informed about a “gag” order that is limiting the information we get from behind the scenes. The commandant has spoken and there is to be no talk of such things on social media. Next thing he will be taking your white boards away.

gagCaution: Gag Order In Place

That email also included what a monkey mess the “draft” was and how Bozo and the clown circus have no clue what they are doing. In fact be glad, or not, that the officials are actually getting their assignments in time for the games. Word from that org is they are getting them day of assignment.  With the leagues luck the postman will be forgiven his issues and be allowed to take the ice.

So Ricky we are sorry. We know you have thick skin, you had to you coached one of our kids a few times. And with that we will edit the post. Best of luck and we hope the gag order doesn’t bite you in the butt. If so there is a thing called the 1st amendment and we are sure we could find you a couple of guys who would love to drag a couple of the Gestapo around the court room for a few days. That is if they can put down the ADM long enough to watch the newbies hitting each other with sticks because they don’t have enough direction in place to keep all the tots occupied on the ice. One step forward fives steps back.

One question we fail to understand about the organization is how Mayor Puffenstuff and the Human Calculator get run off the ranch yet Frodo remains unscathed except loosing his voting privilege but pretty much his powers in check ? Has anyone seen both his hands when the Directors lips are moving?

Oh and we never mentioned your team by name, so were glad to see you could put the puzzle pieces together. Beings as you are a smart guy can you show one of the dolts how to use a cell phone to call in the scores to the World Herald so they can stop asking us for details?

Who’s in charge here?

So we have had contact with the Omaha World Herald who would love to post the High School League scores in the paper thus giving exposure to the sport and much due recognition to the players and teams. But alas nobody who took the job to run the High School Division has taken the simple amount of time to bother to call them with any updates.

If you are going to take a job don’t do it for you own self-appointed reasons. Do it for the league and sport as a whole. If you don’t have the time don’t take the job. Simple.

Now somebody, and we know there are board members who check this daily, needs to get off their butts and make this happen before it slips away. Are you listening Mr President and VP? Don’t let last years disaster continue into this year. If people can’t do the job find someone who will. Under past Presidents and Boards this issue would have been addressed by now. Pick up the phone, call in the scores.

But then its apparent nothing will change because the toady that caused so much distress last season is still working things behind the curtain like the Wizard of Oz.  Maybe he wants to be treasurer.


The season is fast upon us. You know the rules. We will be trying to keep you updated as best we can even with the hush doctrine imposed.

The Board has a new look but the same ole cock and bull.

The High School season looks wide open for the most part.

In the lower levels the ADM has taken hold and the 2 hand touch and flag hockey divisions seem to be popular with the soccer wanna play hockey crowd.


16 responses to “Youth Hockey News/ Get the mud a slinging

  1. Omaha Hockey code of conduct is a fraud

    Disgusting truly disgusting. Since when is it ok for a parent to charge up in the stands seeking the parent of a player on the other team looking for a confrontation and NOTHING is done about it. I know Prep is your baby Omaha hockey but enough is enough. Prep parents why don’t you act like the class you claim to be. If you don’t want your kid to get checked then might I suggest placing him in ballet but don’t try to pick a fight when things don’t fit your plan. And Omaha you need to step up and get these folks in check and stop showing favoritism to them and maybe hire some refs who want to be there. I know our kids only play house but our checks as just as good as theirs. Wheres the leadership?

  2. Millard West beat Prep again today, 3-1. West has now beat Prep 4 games in a row and is still undefeated. I believe no losses in 15? games now. One tie. Prep doesn’t seem to have that same swagger. Losing to West is in their head. I don’t think THEY think they can win. From what I’ve seen Papio is doing it with great goalie play. For Lincoln having combined all their players in to one team they are not very talented, which is too bad. There’s a lot of hockey being played in Lincoln.

  3. Millard West dominated Lincoln on Wednesday. Metro North Beat Westside. Papio squeeked by Prep.

  4. So true no jerseys 6 games in but dont dare be late n a payment. How do you not have jerseys by now? At the rink sunday some people were talking about these same issues and agreed everything is funneled to the jr lancer teams and our kids are just the ugly step children. maybe if we are lucky our kids can get their hand me down jerseys

  5. Not sure what you want to know. Website still slow updating, although finally getting there, at least the high school section. Still no jerseys. Millard West dominating High School league, haven’t lost in last 13 games. Tri-City tied them. They beat Prep in their first head to head. Westside and Papio are supposed to be better and have been winning but haven’t played anybody. Elkhorn is down, much to the chagrin of some I imagine, Millard N. looks terrible. At the end of the day a lot needs to be done to improve the league and it just doesn’t seem like there’s interest in doing it. No Fall Freeze now for the last two years. We’ve lost teams, only one Lincoln team now, and they are not very good. Only one Prep team. League is down to 9 teams. I see no reason that without some actual promotion that there couldn’t be 12 teams. At least. The cost doesn’t go down but the product gets worse.

  6. Well from what we are told there is a gag order in sending information to us to get it out and we all know that the organization is more concerned with secrecy than promoting so from here, no. Let us know if you can find anything out. We would be more than happy to promote such items here.

  7. How is hockey doing in Omaha? Have the youth teams started to play yet? There used to be an annual tournament for the midget teams has that happened or are there any games that we can take our little ones to and watch? If anyone has any information or where I can go to get information please let me know, thank you.

  8. That is hilarious. Love the hello kitty ball gag. Need to see more from you guys.

  9. We will attempt to turn up the heat. Thanks for taking the time to ask. Now lets see whos falling down on the job.

  10. Thank you for the reply we are getting scores from the Midwest High School League, however we have not seen anything from the Omaha Metro High School League. If you could be of assistance we would like to post coverage of both.

  11. League play has started. We will see if we can get the word to the powers that be to get the scores to you in a timely manner. As we are not in an official capacity with the league we have limited say but if the World Herald is willing to post the scores then we think it would be prudent that someone in the league get off their butt and get the info to you in a correct and timely manner. Point made. And thank you for your support of the league.

  12. Any updates from the league or have they started to play yet? Always looking for scores to post. Send league scores to OWH Sports ( – please send at the end of the night.

  13. Maybe the kid should be instructing him

  14. Saw that goalie at the rink the other day – seems to be taking more shots than the regular goalie with little to no instruction.

  15. Actually the division with a handle on things is likely the mite division – they seem to be doing it right even with the ADM model. They have a select group of 7/8 year olds competing up an age group and they appear to hold their own. Very good skaters – I bet you will see most of these kids playing A or AA hockey within the next year or two. Good luck this season!

  16. Question of the day. Will Westside play the worlds oldest high school goalie who suits up at practice or play their real goal tender?

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