Pete Festerson has thrown in the towel in his bid to oust Lee Terry.  Festerson was counting on an outraged voter pool after the Government shutdown only to have to find himself running against the debacle of Obamacare.

Pete cited time away from family as well as his duties as City Council President as his reason for pulling his hat from the race.


Speaking of the City Council, Chris Jerram is back in pout mode after the city withdrew its application to apply $308,000 to build a protected bike lane on South 32nd Ave. Jerram loves the dedicated hardly used bike lanes even though bike pay no wheel tax yet he expects them to be given preferred access to roads. Look Chris I just pointed out a revenue stream for you. Tie that to giving the guy on the bike who runs the same stop sign every morning and maybe you can pay for the paint for the lanes.

Be on the lookout for some idiot pretending to be an M.U.D. employee and trying to gain access to your home to read your meter. Officials reported complaints of this scum and their inability to produce an I.D. card. M.U.D. cautions you to ask for I.D. and if suspicious call police. They do not collect any money at homes or businesses.  They are outraged that someone would attempt this move. Guess they hate competition.



Yesterday afternoon the Creighton Bluejays took the court, hit the gas and never looked back at the speed bump that once was the Husker basketball team. Now if you were looking for coverage from some online media outlets save your time. They didn’t bother. But you got an in depth breakdown of the Husker football teams matchup in the Gator Bowl with Georgia 3 weeks from now. Dave Blackwell we could use a man like you once again.

Todays weather forecast Brrrrr. (No Meteorological Seal of Approval needed for that one)

More when we can find something worth writing about.


In what would have been a hysterical story of “Guess who came home early”, Omaha Police rescued a man dangling from an eighth floor window of the Jackson tower early this morning. The man was rescued after police broke down the door and pulled him to safety then placed him in protective custody. No truth to the rumor he was just trying to get Sprint cell phone reception.

Snow is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow in the metro. Translation, stock up at the grocery store like your going to be stranded for weeks yet make sure to get out and drive in the heaviest part snarling traffic because you forgot your lottery ticket.


South Omaha State Senator Jeremy Nordquist did a little snuggle and snap with the President then urged young people to disregard the security snafus and the all out lies and disinformation, toss caution to the wind and join the Obamacare cult. I wonder if Jeremy would send his bank information to the rich Nigerian Prince who needs to sneak his millions out of the country as well?

Former State Senator Brenda Council was handed 3 years probation and a $500 fine for her misuse of campaign money after a plea deal. Council was snitched out by now State Senator Ernie “the crime fighter” Chambers who beat Ms Council out to regain his seat. One can only look at his own district to see his toughness on crime and willing to double down and go all in to regain his soap box.

Hours after the owner of West Omaha’s Wake and Skate board shop appeared in court on drug charges the business was raided by police. Reaction from clientele  was that of “Dude Bummer” and “Guess we’ll have to hotbox someplace else.” Guess there will be a noted drop in business at the new sub shop nearby as the munchiefest moves elsewhere.

12.04.2013 If You Like Your School You Can Keep Your School. BA HA HA HA HA

Hope the Millard School Board meeting next Monday is on pay per view because it may be worth watching after the board released its plan to redraw the school boundaries.

The district plan is to help alleviate overcrowding at Millard West that they expect to get worse in the coming years. Many folks aren’t happy and their reasons are, well, humorous. One lady compared the redrawing of the lines to having to switch from being a Husker fan to an Iowa State fan. Well sorry Bitsy is going to have to find a new set of friends to take duck faced selfies with. In the game of sub division one upsmanship some of the in crowd is going to have to see how to poor folk hang.

Maybe the higher road would be to worry about the same level of quality of education be equivalent at all three high schools and not if Buffy and Biff go to the same school as all the Britney Spears look-a-like club.  And to the guy from Armbrust Acres, sucks to get excluded from the clique now don’t it?


Today a semi hauling cattle overturned closing a Dodge Street on ramp to I-680. You’d think the Iowa fan base would have gone home by now wouldn’t you?

Lincoln continues to be the crime of the weird capital after 2 teens were arrested in the theft of 300 packets of potpourri. I know your asking yourself, what the hell?  A father of one of the teens called police when he discovered the potpourri after their house started to smell like an Herbal essence factory accident. The father, concerned his son had gone flaming twinkle toes, turned in his child in hopes a little jail time would help his son in his quest to lose his virginity.

A name in the news you just can’t make up, Latjor Gony. Someone was getting their ass kicked playing scrabble on delivery day. Latjor was arrested in a robbery of 2 cell phone and an ipad mini after he answered a craigslist ad and offered to buy the ipad mini only to meet up with the seller and take it and the phones at gunpoint. Moral of the story, stop shopping craigslist when you have to meet some hood in a parking lot.

Handslaps and Handouts

Well the mighty Big 10 has spoken and Coach Pelini was publicly scolded and handed a $10,000 fine for his outburst and actions last Friday. Fine. Write the check and put “chickenshit” in the memo.

In the meantime, in order to preserve a possible marque matchup for the National Title the Big 10 slapped the hands of the Michigan and Ohio State players who found it perfect to punch shove and tear off helmets and give a two finger salute to the fans on the way off the field. No suspensions, Double Standard ? You bet. Why would we tarnish the image of our two front line programs possibly costing one a trip to the big game, if they can get past Michigan State this weekend. ( Watch for a few extra calls to go the Buckeyes way).

The Big 10 boys need Ohio State in the big dance. It needs to raise the image of the football side of the conference. It also needed to bow to the SEC network, also known as ESPN, who called for Pelini’s head on a stake for dissing its sideline reporter. However don’t ruffle Urban Meyer’s polo.

Bo needs to polish his image or just have fun with these guys. My idea, hire a press secretary to handle the questions. Someone with a way with words. Someone who knows how to deal with the likes of Tom, Steve and Lee.  Hire Larry the Cable Guy. At least the answers would be on the same intellectual level as the questions.

More later.